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The New Tax Changes

Here are some of the provisions the bill contains, according to a Republican summary:

The proposal would maintain seven individual income tax brackets at slightly different rates: 10 percent, 12 percent, 22 percent, 24 percent, 32 percent, 35 percent and 37 percent. The top rate would fall from the current 39.6 percent.

The House originally proposed collapsing the system to four brackets, saying it would simplify the filing process.  The changes would phase out after 2025.

The bill would scrap the personal exemption but increase the standard deduction to slightly less than double its current level. It would go to $12,000 for an individual or $24,000 for a family.
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No Real Winners

th0FLCB02LTonight we wait the results in the tumultuous Senate race in Alabama.  The Republican had a huge advantage just a month ago until a woman came out claiming that the Republican tried to get in her pants,  when she was 14.  Then, several others also joined in with some allegations.  The Democrat, as anyone would, took advantage and the polls changed.  But one has to ask a question about the results, whatever they may turn out to be, will there really be any winners.  If Alabama votes in the Republican, they are deciding that an alleged sexual predator is better than a Democrat, which puts Democrats pretty low in the eyes of Alabaman’s.  If the Democrat wins, then a new and potent political weapon has just been proven affective.  The chances are that this weapon will be used again and again.  Politics is a filthy game and tonight it get’s even dirtier.  No matter who is elected, there are no real winners.



Fake Moral Outrage

th4IHFROFRToday’s Democrats, who long defended Bill Clinton, an accused rapist, have come out recently and are asking Al Franken to resign, after his own perverted acts against women came to light.  But I’m not buying the feigned moral outrage, as this finally ramped up only after a poll from Quinnipiac University showed that 77 percent of Democrats thought Legislators should resign under sexual harassment allegations and only 45 percent of Democrats thought their party was handling the issue correctly.  So let’s not be fooled by more fakery by hypocrits who didn’t have a problem taking money for their own elections and campaigning with the Clintons in 2016.  This simply don’t buy them a free ride to the moral high ground, it makes them ultra hypocrits with no morals at all.

Al Franken is expected to announce his resignation today.  He was a shitty Senator anyway and equally annoying.  Beyond this, the Alabama election involving Roy Moore, who is also accused, is next week.  If Alabama elects Roy Moore over a Democrat, it’s pretty clear what Alabaman’s think of Democrats.  We’ll see next week.

Still Waiting


Economic Collapse?

bitcoinWhat would an economic collapse actually look like in the US?  How would mass bank failures, the Stock Market dropping 75% and the US dollar devaluing 50% at the same time do to this nation as a whole?  Just a few things to ponder, considering all the bitcoin stuff going around.  The US government can control the price of gold and silver, but not Bitcoin.  Many are saying that the recent rise of Bitcoin is a prelude to collapse.  This makes some sense, not because of Bitcoin, but because the deep state wants Trump to fail.  The sacrifices a collapse would cause wouldn’t mean squat to the Deep State Power Elite.  They lose nothing.  That should concern everyone.


Whoop’s, They Spoke Too Soon

th68NKDDKRIt never fails these days when the Liberal media, pundit’s and politicians scream bloody murder when a Right Winger is accused or caught in some form of wrongdoing, only to have a Left Winger accused/caught doing the same thing.  Watching this play out is entertaining and frustrating, as the hypocrisy exposes the feigned moral outrage that always accompanies these events.  Judge Roy Moore must step down from the election, Al Franken must….be investigated by a Senate committee, wrong wrongdoing accusations go to die.  If not for the victims, it would be comical.  Suddenly, the Liberal media is saying that sexual assault is not a political thing.  Really?  I wouldn’t have known this last week, at least until Ya’ll remembered Bill Clinton’s victims.  Now, maybe the Swamp will have the plug pulled and at least all the perverts will be forced out (I doubt this, but I can hope).


The Tax bills and all the nonsense surrounding it is all theater.  I would be shocked, shocked I tell you, if anything actually lands on Trump’s desk….ever.  One annoying subject for me is the State tax deduction argument.  The folks from Cali, New York, New Jersey etc are whining about losing this because they live in high tax States.  OK, I get it, but it’s not a National problem, it’s a State problem.  Why should people in Idaho help people in New York on this matter, when the people of Idaho do not benefit one wit from it.  Sorry, but I shouldn’t have tax breaks held up because your State is mismanaged.  Maybe you should elect less Democrats, then the problem would be solved.


No One Is Immune

th77YR4TNFOn a daily basis new allegations of sexual harassment/sexual assault are coming out.  From Hollywood actors to politicians to musicians to sports bloggers, no on is immune from these accusations.  I wonder how much of this activity is going on in the business world and on job sites.  But what is harassment these days?  Is simply looking and admiring a coworker harassment?  How about asking a coworker out for drinks or dinner?  It doesn’t matter anymore because just about everyone can be accused of some form of sexual harassment, intended or not, real or not, imagined or not.  I feel sorry for men of the future, the pussification of men is full steam ahead now.  Careful where your eyes wonder guys, just looking will get you accused these days.



What is Going Wrong With People

massIn the recent weeks, we as a nation has had numerous people going off the rails and committing mass murder at an alarming rate.  A country music concert, a Wal-mart and now a church, mental illness has exploded upon innocent people.  We all know how the politicians and political hacks will respond, blame the tool, rather than looking at the real cause, mental illness and what is causing these issues.  Maybe how the Pundit’s react is a clue that the power’s that be don’t want that discussion.  It’s time to wonder why.


Leak or Lie?

waitingRobert Muellers first major act as Special Counsel to investigate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia should be causing some concern.  It’s quite uncommon to hear of an indictment of someone, especially in such a high profile investigation, before the person or the person’s lawyer, much less a NAME.  But, Mueller’s first act was…..a leak, to a supposed news agency, CNN, who have been caught time and time again reporting fake and false news.  Is this a legit leak or a made up leak to increase ratings over the weekend and into Monday?  I guess we’ll find out Monday.


The Globalist Plans?

I thought I’d do something a little different with this article then the normal political stuff.   In the past a site called has been linked showing some interesting population predictions.  With what has been going on with North Korea as of late, I wondered what the updated predictions may be saying about them and us by the year 2025, just 7 short years from now. has been called a CIA run site and also attributed to the Globalist Deep State.  Are they sending a warning?

deagle usa

The U.S. predictions have worsened with the expected population down to 65 million.  That’s a loss of 254 million souls.  That would mean there would be a pretty bad series of events heading our way, or maybe not  🙂

As for North Korea, this is where things become a bit shocking:


Nearly wiped from the face of earth.  What event could possibly cause this?


Oppressed By Who?

I think the answer is easy.


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No Answer Without Motive

VegasThe title says it all.  Without knowing the motive of the Las Vegas shooter, there are no answer to WHY.  This was a very well planned out mass murder, one that gives one pause as to how a person would undertake such a thing.  Rumors and conspiracy theories are everywhere, but the answer is nowhere.  I have avoided posting the conspiracy theories and other nonsense and I won’t bother to sensationalize the Liberal medias feigned sorrow and politicizing this event for their pathetic political reasons.  In the end, when you have a nation that is so divided, this is what you get.  This could be the first of many events in the new Civil War.


The Social Justice Fraud

th6GQEW0I0If it can’t be any clearer, the whole social justice movement is nothing more than a fraud.  The players in the NFL are perfect examples.  How many big name players are fighting for lesser qualified players to take their spot and get equal playing time?  How many big name players are fighting to share the contract money equally with all 53 players on the team?  The answer is NONE, because social justice is a fraud and it is impossible to achieve in a healthy society.   No, it is quite clear that the social justice movement is nothing but a divisive play on emotions shoved down everyone throats by the Progressive Left to push their socialist agenda.  It’s a fraud and should be treated as such.


Pressing the Question

thT4RRHTV6As I asked in a post last week, why can’t the individual States pass term limits for it’s Congressional representatives?  It is clear that the Constitution does not cover this subject, short of the Presidential term limits.  For a long time, this has been a subject of discussion, but not much at the State level.  Obviously an Amendment would do this, but I don’t believe an Amendment is necessarily required.  Also, I’d like to hear some pro’s and con’s on the subject.  I’ll be in and out, depending on activity outdoors.  Right now our weather is awesome 🙂


The ‘Canes Are Back

matthewclimatechangeAfter many years of almost non-existence, hurricanes are the talk of the country again.  Several are currently swirling around with Irma on track for a Florida landfall…maybe.  The projected track keeps inching Westward and it wouldn’t surprise if Irma flat misses Florida’s projected landfall and goes West, but for now, the West coast of Florida is in Irma’s crosshairs.  The evacuations and warnings have been the topic of nonstop news reports.  The evacuees have mostly headed to Georgia, where it now appears will also get hit by Irma in the coming days.  Time will tell, but for now, I will predict that a lot of people are going to be pissed for having the shit scared out of them….only to have their evacuated areas missed.  Regardless, those in the storms crosshairs could use all of our support and prayers.


Labor Day Weekend


American’s Rock!

Louisiana is next in line for the onslaught of Harvey, possibly the worst flood producing storm in history.  Everything fell inline weather wise as Harvey was growing and heading North West towards South East Texas.  A strong High pressure sat over the North West United States, basically stopping further movement Northward.  The rain that continues as I write this is a catastrophic event, not ever experienced in modern times.  Tens of thousands are affected and will have a long road to recovery.  Entire neighborhoods may be wiped out, and much like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, may never be rebuilt.

Watching how this weather event came together was just sheer bad luck.  Had the High pressure system in the North been 100 miles more to the South, Harvey may have sat in the Gulf of Mexico, but would have eventually made landfall, but with much less damage.  But more impressive and heartwarming is the response by the people who came from many miles with boats, to help the overwhelmed First Responders.  These are the Americans that make up the vast majority of the great nation.  As we continue to watch the wrath of Mother Nature take it’s toll, let’s not forget that Americans are a really great bunch of people, who in times of need will set aside ALL differences and take care of one another.  Good Luck Texans….Good Luck to those in Harvey’s crosshairs in the future.  and God Bless America!


The Oppression Delusion

skinheadbabyMy oh my, the way the Liberal media and the Social Justice Warriors talk, minorities are the most oppressed groups on the planet and all white people who don’t agree with that nonsense are white supremacist, white nationalist, racist’s of the worst kind.  This is utter hogwash and the country’s biggest ongoing LIE.  I can say this because if these little snowflakes were actually oppressed, they would be leaving in droves as refugees heading for Socialist utopias like Venezuela, Germany  or some other EU country that will soon bankrupt itself paying out generous welfare payments.  But no, there are no oppressed refugees leaving in droves, they are still trying to get here, in droves, when possible.  But for those that truly believe the big lie that you are an oppressed minority, I have some good advice, just pack your bags and leave.  Do like those coming here, take what you can and start steppin.  Go North, go South, start swimming with the sharks for all I care, just go.  Your delusions are both unwarranted, ignorant and frankly,  unwanted.




The Big Lie

switchedThose on the Left side of the political spectrum have long been claiming that the long ago Democrats and Republicans magically switched moral positions on racism.  To that I answer:

Criminals and police switched too.

Whites and Blacks switched too

Bears and Salmon switched too

Only an idiot would believe any of this LIE!

Are you an idiot?

History Matters

history  I grew up a history buff, so to speak.  I grew up learning about the local Indian tribes who were in my area long before I was, one of the wonders of being in the country, having grown up in the city.  I went on to have a major in history in High School, I took every class I could, and excelled.  Even today, when I cut down a large tree, I count the rings to learn it’s age.  History is a wonderful thing.

In our current world we have people who want to erase the nations historical heritage.  At well over 200 years of age, our nation has plenty of good and plenty of bad, of which continues today.  It’s part of life as humans, we are petty, greedy, etc, etc, and we are self destructive to the core.  There has never been a time when humans were not at war in some form or fashion on this planet, which is proven this past weekend.   War, regardless of the reason or reasons, is what humans do, period.  Whether it’s a stupid riot between two rival gangs, two different ideologies or two warring nations, it is simply what we as humans do.  That, my SUFA friends, is history, in a nutshell and it’s not going to EVER stop.

There is no real purpose in removing historical statues, other than to wage war.  History is not the enemy, it is the teacher.  Those trying to hide and destroy our history are not doing so because it offends them, it’s because they want to do the same thing, that is what today’s Progressives/Communist’s/Fascists are doing.  History will never be hidden, it will however, always be repeated.

So…Who is the True Interventionist

So….Who is the true interventionist?

“Obama’s regime-change policy, like Bush’s, showed that the United States has the “reverse Midas Touch” — whatever it touches turns to chaos.”—–CNN, December 2016.

interven2The full quote of my teaser is this…. “More significant is the fact that even many of his (Obama) supporters believe, as Nobel committee secretary Geir Lundestad has written in his memoir, that the Nobel prize to him was “a mistake.” The Nobel committee awarded Obama the prize less than nine months after he assumed office in the hope that he would be fundamentally different from President George W. Bush, whose invasion and occupation of Iraq created a failed state.”
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NYT and the Anti Free Speech Nazi’s

As you can imagine, the Twitter attacks were full speed ahead with threats of rape and murder against Loesch and her family.

Then there is this:

“Mark my words, while I can still publish them with impunity,” he concludes. “The real tyrants, when they come, will be for diversity (except of opinion) and against hate speech (except their own).”

The Norks and the Dorks

These days it rarely fails that something isn’t said about how dangerous and scary the North Korean’s are with all their ICBM tests (two so far).  The media, in my opinion, is fear mongering and likely doing so at the behest of special interests and the Deep State.  Both love profits and war is very profitable.  Maybe this will ring a bell, because it will be repeated again, only Iran will be the Nation:

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Some Choice

carlinAfter 7 years of campaigning on the promise of repealing, repealing and replacing, or any other lie one can put in words, the Affordable Healthcare Act, aka, Obamacare, it is still the law of the land.  Vote for me says the Dolt with the R in parentheses next to his/her name and that’s what is gonna happen after we get the majority in Congress and the presidency.  What a pathetic joke the political elite have played on people.  Here’s the political truth….Obamacare is here to stay, it may have a different name, a few changes down the road, but it’s here to stay none the less, and your vote ain’t changin shit.

SandersThe deck is stacked and it’s in favor of the dealers, aka, the two political parties.  While a few good people may break the DC barrier, they quickly learn that there is lots of wealth to be had by playing the game……as they are told.  The psychopath and  and sociopath power hungry, greedy control freaks are in complete control of the United States Federal Government.  Come November 2018, barring nuclear holocaust, the people get to go to the election booth and vote for either Asshole in D or Asshole in R.

Some Choice.

Democrat’s New Message

“Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

So where was this message the last 8 years ?

Too bad Papa John’s beat them to the punch.

How can anyone take this shit seriously?

This may go down in history as the most disingenuous political slogan OF ALL TIME!

Meme 01192

Even With…….

TPaineEven with….. some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, Chicago has had 2051 people shot this year, with 388 killed.  How can anyone want gun control?

Even with……a rigged Primary, media collusion and collusion with a foreign government (Ukraine),  Trump still won the election and continues to fight with media collusion against him.  Is it time to change the “media” designation to “activist” designation and remove White House access?

Even with…… post offices in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Nevada giving liberal candidates a helping hand during 2016’s hotly contested political races, violating the Hatch Act, will anyone actually be held accountable?

Even with……having a Majority in both houses of Congress, Republicans are showing clearly that they are no different that the Democrats when it comes to telling the truth.  Is it time for a radical change on WHO gets to run for office and how long they serve?

Even with…..Trump supporters very happy with Trump in all the counties that voted for him (90%+ approval), why do the corporate media polls say otherwise?

Even with……ZERO evidence…….


Has Atlas Finally Shrugged?

Some time ago… a real long time ago, I read a book by Ayn Rand entitled “Atlas Shrugged”. The Cliff Notes version of it was about the economic carnage caused by big government run amok. It was/is a work of fiction that should be required reading. But is it fiction any longer? Several things make me question whether or not the author was actually insightful and sent a warning. The Wall Street Journal said “with each successive bailout plan and economic-stimulus scheme out of Washington, our current politicians are committing the very acts of economic lunacy that “Atlas Shrugged” parodied in 1957, when this 1,000-page novel was first published and became an instant hit.”

The Wall Street Journal went on to say, “For the uninitiated, the moral of the story is simply this: Politicians invariably respond to crises — that in most cases they themselves created — by spawning new government programs, laws and regulations. These, in turn, generate more havoc and poverty, which inspires the politicians to create more programs . . . and the downward spiral repeats itself until the productive sectors of the economy collapse under the collective weight of taxes and other burdens imposed in the name of fairness, equality and do-goodism.”
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What’s Been Happening


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