Post Election Reflections from a Different Voice…

Greetings again SUFA. Someone shared the following article with me the other day and I wanted to share it here with all of you in order to see what all of you have to say. It the aftermath of an election that I think many are not thrilled about (meaning those on the right are depressed and those in the center felt it was the lesser of two evils and those on the moderate left felt he wasn’t a great choice but wasn’t a bad one either), there are a lot of different trains of thought going on out there. My personal thoughts are that I am not happy with Obama. I would have preferred Romney (by a very slight margin and mostly because I think that Obama may be the most dishonest President in history) and that we were screwed either way. I don’t think much changed with this election, but I could be wrong.
Some Thoughts from a Different Source

Time to Add a Thought or Two

Well now, I am back from a blistering trip to South Africa (blistering because every day was filled with lots to do). Mrs. Weapon and I survived the sharks, the Cheetahs, the Lions, the Rhinos, the Leopards, the Crocs, the Baboons, and all the other creatures of the continent. I will share a bit more of the trip as we go, but I wanted to take some time and add a few thoughts to the fray as we near yet another election of the person to “Lead” this country. I put lead in quotation marks because leadership has not thus far been a very strong characteristic of those in the position. I think the last few have preferred to “Rule” as opposed to “Lead.” I have to tell you up front that I am severely disappointed in this election cycle, just as I have been in others in the past. But it really does seem like each election cycle gets exponentially worse. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am…
Just Some Quick Thoughts from USWeapon

But I Killed Bin Laden!

Despite my inability to write regularly lately, I have continued to read along as best I can and to interject comments wherever I found the inclination. One of the things that I read repeatedly over the last few weeks was the notion that the 2012 election is already over. It isn’t a statement that exists in a vacuum here at SUFA. It can be found across the lame-stream media as well. The idea that because Bin Laden was executed on his watch, Barack Obama is unbeatable in 2012. This notion is not well founded, and is in fact ridiculous. The reality is that the only one who can get elected based on killing Bin Laden are members of SEAL Team 6 that went in to that compound and double-tapped that assclown in the cranium. Tonight I offer a short article on why I think that Bin Laden will hardly play into the decisions made by the people in November of 2012.
Obama Has Already Won in 2012? Oy Vey indeed