Voter Fraud is Acceptable… and Necessary

Here in North Carolina, our resident VETO machine, Governor Beverly Perdue (yes those Perdue’s), has been on a bit of tear lately. It seems that since the North Carolina legislature took a decidedly GOP turn in the last election, the staunchly Democratic Perdue has found that her only recourse against laws that the Democrat party deems unacceptable is to VETO them and then pray the Republicans don’t have the votes to overturn. There were a couple more Perdue VETO’s last week, but one in particular caught my eye and, in my opinion, show that the Democratic machine prefers that the election system remains open to fraud and illegal voting. It is apparent that the success of the Chicago machine had a dramatic effect on the party of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and of course, Perdue.
From ACORN to Chicago, Voter Fraud is a Democrat Tradition

Is FreedomWorks simply the Conservative ACORN?

Another night with not as much time to write as I would like. I have found myself in the position of having an extremely sore back, which makes it difficult to sit in one place or position for too long, and impossible to sit in certain positions. Oh, the lament of doing a job that put my body through the ringer at one time. I am not complaining, as it will be better in a day or so. I was watching a video this evening over at HuffPo that was about the incident involving the Geico voiceover guy who lost his job over a message that he left on the machine over at FreedomWorks. I will recap that shortly below, but it led me to start looking a little bit closer at the group in question. Having not researched FreedomWorks in the past, I was dismayed to find that they are not exactly on the up and up, at least not from first appearances. In fact, I am wondering whether they are really nothing more than the conservative version of ACORN….
I Seek the Opinion of My Readers in Looking at FreedomWorks

Is Voting a Right? Should It be “Regulated”?

I have been reading a lot of philosophical stuff on politics lately. More of the big picture stuff as opposed to the current issues of the day. The health care reform stuff has me so frustrated I don’t even know where to begin. So I instead try to focus on the bigger picture and how to make things work. I know that most of you expected me to write about the health care madness that passed this evening. But I don’t even know where to begin. I will offer my thoughts soon. So instead, a different topic. I have seen some discussions about this topic before but I have never weighed in significantly with what I think. The primary reason is that I am quite torn on this subject. I understand the “right” to vote on a purely philosophical level. A government that serves the people must have all the people’s voices. And I absolutely understand how proposed rules on who can vote harken back to the despicable days of when blacks were kept from voting through tests and requirements. But I think this is a topic worth discussing. I tend to see the group that participates here at SUFA as a fairly intelligent group. So I don’t apply it to anyone here. But the question is: Is it wise to allow everyone to have an equal say in the election process?
Why Many in American Should Not Have a Say in a Federal Election

Tuesday Night Open Mic for December 1, 2009

We enter December, the time for Holiday cheer and Congress debating bills that will ensure future Christmas days will be filled with disappointed children with no presents because all the money was spent by the reckless federal government. Watching some of the debates in the Senate are literally sickening. Nothing like watching future prosperity being bickered away by two groups who are desperate to ensure their own financial futures. Tonight was the President’s speech on the plan for Afghanistan. I listened to what I could and will listen to the rest tomorrow. I am not happy with the speech thus far. Tonight’s speech and the whole issue of Afghanistan will be the topic for tomorrow night, as I have plenty to say and not near enough time to both review the speech and offer my thoughts tonight. As for the topics below, I will attempt to participate in the conversations today in between errands and I may offer an additional topic or two throughout the day. As always I encourage everyone else to add as well!
Let’s Delve into Another Open Mic Night

ACORN… Time to Roast the Nuts Over an Open Fire

ObamacornThe last several days saw a vast amount of coverage surrounding ACORN, the community action group that is credited with playing a large part in the campaign of President Barack Obama. I begin writing this article with similar information to what all of you have already heard. Perhaps a little more from the extra junk that I have read. But I want to understand whether my negative opinion of ACORN is warranted or not. So I figured I would write an article, do the research, and figure out for myself if this organization is as crooked as they appear to be. On the surface the organization appears to have a ton of issues, especially given the string of videos that have been coming out over the last week and a half. There are lots of accusations (and subsequent denials) claiming that President Obama has a tie to ACORN. I will investigate that as well. But most important, this article is meant to be sort of a fact finding mission when it comes to ACORN. And in the end, we will wrap it up by noticing who is somehow completely not seeing ACORN anywhere on their radar.
What Exactly is Going On at ACORN?

As the Poll Numbers Drop…

Obama Yes We Can MatteIt seems that there are endless numbers of polls out there that tell us whatever the talking heads want us to believe. I take them all with a grain of salt. So when the new poll numbers came out from Pew, I wasn’t surprised. I had already seen about 30 different polls claiming that Obama’s approval ratings were dropping. It brings to light an interesting conundrum for the far left in America (and remember I speak of the far left, not all the left). For they have been rubbing this last election cycle in the faces of conservatives and Republicans for quite a while now. So as we see the changes occurring in public opinion, what are we to make of it? I know there will be some out there who simply say the polls mean nothing. But those same folks sure thought the polls meant something 6 months ago. I was reading over at CNN and Jack Cafferty, someone I have a healthy respect for, offered some thoughts that I will share below. But I am interested to hear what everyone thinks on this subject.
What is Happening to the Messiah?

HR 1388 – The Beginning of the Brown Shirt Brigades?

obama-ss-flagMany of you may remember my initial rant against O’prompter and Emanuel’s proposed Mandatory Civilian National Defense Force. I wrote about it way back in November, here (you can click it if you want, it should open a new window, not leave this one). I kind of left the subject alone for a while because it didn’t seem like there was anything going on with it. But I got a call last week from Revolution who told me to go and check out HR 1388. So I did, and what do I find? It isn’t being left alone at all! On March 18, the House of Representatives passed by a vote of 321-105 (a bi-partisan vote) HR1388– The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (The GIVE Act). And somehow this isn’t making big news the way it should. 
The beginning of the Obama Youth?