Alan Grayson… Idiot Child of the Left

I didn’t have a ton of time to write again tonight. I had actually decided that I was going to skip the night and try to get some other stuff I have been procrastinating on done. But then I stumbled across this article, another of the open letters Representative Alan Grayson seems so fond of writing over there at the Huffington Post (one of the few places that will give a voice to fruit cakes like Grayson). As you all know, I have no beef with HuffPo. They have some interesting articles and some good ideas that come from a very intelligent group of writers. Unfortunately, they also have become a place where hatemongers such as Bob Cesca and Fools such as Grayson are given a podium from which to spew their nonsense. What they will not do, however, is allow for any dissenting opinions to be offered to counter folks like Cesca and Grayson. And that is a shame, because the surest way to ensure that your writers won’t be taken seriously by anyone other than those who already agree with your ideas is to limit the ability to to offer rational responses.
An Answer to Alan Grayson’s ignorant Rantings

Tuesday Night Open Mic for May 25, 2010

I apologize that there was not an article for everyone when they awoke yesterday morning. I wanted to write last night but simply ran out of time after taking care of all the other things that I had to get done. I appreciated the somewhat limited responses to the BP article. I understand the points some were making. I hope that eventually everyone will at least consider my point as well. Tonight for open mic we have a few interesting topics, but none that made me jump up and down with excitement. We have Congress banning dropside cribs, ensuring that those with bad backs will forever regret having children. We also have more nonsense from the left’s reigning gasbag, Alan Grayson. Add to that the federal government going on record showing us the very reason why Arizona felt that the only recourse they had was to take immigration enforcement into their own hands. Finally, we have the situation in Korea and the Secretary of State’s call for the international community to act against North Korea. As always, please feel free to add topics that you want to discuss!
Open Mic on Wednesday Morning

Medical Ethics Questioned in Florida

I figured I would keep it somewhat light here on a Sunday night when I imagine that many folks don’t have to go into work on Monday morning. Oh how I wish I was one of you. But I will be schlepping into work, wishing I was home doing some blog writing. I saw this article from Fox News, and read a couple of others on the subject at the NY Times and Huffington Post. It appears that Alan Grayson, Democrat bigmouth dujour, has decided that he is going to file a complaint against this doctor because the doctor put a sign up on the front door to his practice that said if you voted for Obama, then you can go and find another doctor. What doesn’t seem to matter to Grayson is the fact that the doctor apparently didn’t do anything that qualifies as complaint worthy according to the folks who make that decision in the state of Florida. But the question isn’t whether Grayson has the right to file a complaint, although we are going to touch on that. The question instead is whether this doctor is within his rights to post such a note. And further, even if he is within his rights, is this an unethical stance for a doctor to take?
Does a Doctor Have the Right to Decide Who He Will or Will Not Treat?

Tuesday Night Open Mic for October 27, 2009

Open Mic 1Open Mic night once again rises. I have to admit that I feel a bit liberated this evening (which is WAY different than feeling liberal). I got an email from one of the readers on the site that was really nice and helped me to feel better about ignoring the petty claims against me. Basically pointing out that many will attempt to place me in a box that they can attack because they aren’t willing to discuss the merits of my arguments. I am sure there are some who will want to argue the point. You can make that USWeapon Topic #5 if you like. You know who you are who sent that email (and I will respond I promise), so I want to thank you for that. Tonight’s topics are quite varied, and I hope they will spur some vigorous debate. A little bit of disgust with American political figures, a little bit of disgust with further moves for government to control business, and a little bit of bullshit partisan politics on the Republican side. Release the Hounds!
More from Idiots Grayson and Frank, and Fat People Under Attack Again

Another Night in the Hypocritical World of Congress

I am sorry to report that I will be offering more of an opinion piece on someone else’s work this evening. However, as I begin writing this it is already 2:50 am and I have no time to write a massive research piece. The good news is Mrs. Weapon is feeling a bit better and, as such, we were able to spend the evening hanging out and actually enjoying each other’s company (which means we hung out and watched Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, which I can tolerate and even sometimes enjoy). Unfortunately her medication knocked her out all day so she is still up at this time of night, never a good thing for her. But she is recovering. It looks like she may get to return to work by the end of next week. But for now, she is up and moving around, which is a good thing. As for tonight, I again reach out to quickly discuss an article offered by someone else. It is a topic I though of covering, but I will instead simply offer my thoughts on what this author is saying on the subject. The guest commentary article for tomorrow is already written, which means tomorrow night I can hang out with my wife without any guilt, LOL.
A Little Bit of Partisan Hypocrisy at Play