One Year of Standing Up For America

stand-up-for-americaSo here I sit on Novermber 11, 2009. It was one year ago today that I began writing this blog. It seems so long ago, yet the time has passed quite quickly. I remember discussing the decision to write a political blog with Rani, who you all will soon know as a viable candidate for office, and telling her that I just want a place to discuss political issues where the people will treat each other with respect, where the issue can be debated on merit, and where we can figure out a path forward for this country. My only option, we decided, was to create that site myself. And ‘Stand Up For America’ was born on that day in that conversation. It was slow going at first, but soon there were many coming to discuss things in an environment where different opinions were respected. The site grew. So as I sit tonight writing this article, as I have done for 3-4 hours every night for the last year, I want to take the time to acknowledge the people here, the tremendous amount of support that I have received, and hand out a few “awards”
Can You Believe it Has Been a Year Already?