When Rules are No Longer Rules

Criminals Gone WildThere has been a lot of huff and puff this week over the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin. I have to admit that I am a little bothered by it myself. And I think I am justified in being so. Because to me, this is simply another example of the power in the White House being abused. I want to be clear here, I intentionally did not say Barack Obama abusing the power. He is simply the one doing it this time. There is a long history of those in power in this country feeling that the rules (even the ones that they themselves made) do not apply when they choose to not apply them. So this article may come across very anti-Obama by the time I am finished writing it, but I do not feel that this is something he alone has done. It was done by Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter…. as far back as you want to go. So I am well aware this is a systemic issue, not one that just this administration has. But I know that, regardless of that statement from me, there are going to be some folks who want to point out all that Bush did….
Rules Are For Common People

Government as Your New Daddy

socialist-party-ca-sealI was sitting here thinking about what I want to write about tonight. I jumped over to Fox News and saw this story and I realized that regardless of what I wanted to write about I was going to write about this because it fired me up. Furthermore I think this topic is one that I have not dedicated nearly enough time to over the last couple of months on the site. I say not nearly enough time because I think it is one of the BIGGEST problems in America today and one of the things we need badly to overcome. The socialist agenda has been furthered so well because we are letting them get to our children before we have the chance to raise them ourselves. We are in this situation today because this problem was not addressed 25 years ago when it first started to rear its socialist head…
Why Our Fight Begins with the Public School Systems

Won’t Global Warming Lead to Global Cooling?

Just a thought here…. If global warming is all that they say, and the earth continues to heat up, won’t we all find ourselves in a position to no longer need to use our heaters in the winter? And won’t a lack of heater use eventually bring the temperature down? I know that is a ridiculous idea, but no more ridiculous than the madness that I call global warming hysterics. I am beginning to worry about this again based on the reports coming out of Al Gore and the new President Elect.
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