Government Meddling or Necessary Regulation?

News came down last week that the President, in his haste to shift the focus away from a quickly diminishing chance at health care reform, will now re-focus on regulating the big banks in an effort to prevent them from becoming “too big to fail” again. I have already written on the fact that, despite the fact that the banks were too big to fail before TARP, they have comntinued to get even bigger. You can read about that HERE . I also shared a banker’s perspective on what regulations need to happen that I had found on the Huffington Post. You can read that HERE . So this isn’t a new subject. But the President was pretty strident in stating that he was going after these regulations, even going so far as to say if they (the big banks) are looking for a fight, he is ready and willing to give them one. Now, I know that you are all aware of where I stand on the idea of government regulation of private businesses. But I am willing to report what I am reading and keep an open mind to the fact that I could be wrong in some way.
More Populist Rhetoric Used to Consolidate Power?

Tuesday Night Open Mic for October 27, 2009

Open Mic 1Open Mic night once again rises. I have to admit that I feel a bit liberated this evening (which is WAY different than feeling liberal). I got an email from one of the readers on the site that was really nice and helped me to feel better about ignoring the petty claims against me. Basically pointing out that many will attempt to place me in a box that they can attack because they aren’t willing to discuss the merits of my arguments. I am sure there are some who will want to argue the point. You can make that USWeapon Topic #5 if you like. You know who you are who sent that email (and I will respond I promise), so I want to thank you for that. Tonight’s topics are quite varied, and I hope they will spur some vigorous debate. A little bit of disgust with American political figures, a little bit of disgust with further moves for government to control business, and a little bit of bullshit partisan politics on the Republican side. Release the Hounds!
More from Idiots Grayson and Frank, and Fat People Under Attack Again

Tuesday Night Open Mic for July 28, 2009

Open Mic 1Well, I enter the regular Tuesday Night Open Mic weathered and worn. A teenage son that actually wants to hang out with and do things with his dad is a beautiful, albeit tiring endeavor. Add to that work and a blog, and I sometimes feel I am burning the candle at both ends! Add to that more character attacks to defend against, and I am downright worn out. But it’s all good, folks, that’s what I signed up for when I began writing this blog many months ago (Hard to believe I have been at this for 9 months already). Lots of stuff going on out there. I am finding that I tend to tackle things in the open mic that I don’t want to dedicate an entire article on. It is like Open Mic allows for the distracting stuff, so that we don’t let it get in the way of the important stuff the rest of the week. And that is a nice freedom to have during at least one night of the week. So without delay, I offer my Open Mic Topics and look forward to yours!
Release the Hounds!

Is Barney Frank the Biggest Idiot in Congress?

Barney Frank AngryI have wanted to discuss this for a bit now and finally had a night where I was able to read a little bit and research a little bit to attempt to get a grasp of whether what I had heard was true. I was figuring that after what Barney Frank played a major role in causing the first time, there is no way he would be crazy enough to suggest the same idiotic mistakes a second time. Apparently I have far underestimated the level of stupidity that Mr. Frank and the sheer idiocy of anyone who listens to anything that this man has to say. As you recall, I gave him good marks for how he handled himself a month ago when he made a return appearance on The O’Reilly Factor. Whatever good things I said about him then, I take back. He is clearly delusional and apparently lacks the ability to learn from the mistakes of his own past and make better decisions going forward. This man is a bumbling fool and should be dismissed as a Congressman immediately…
Leading a Close Race for Most Idiotic Congressman

Homophobes, Racists, and Wall Street, Oh My

You know, I have already written on the fact that I am quite tired of the tactics of the far left in America when it comes to debate. The problem that I have is that the far left in America is completely unable to debate. Period. They just cannot do it. Their arguments are based on emotion, not facts. They rile up the masses using class warfare instead of telling the truth and finding a better way forward. They generally just annoy me. And when they realize that they are losing the debate horribly they resort to their fall back tactic… name calling.
Barney Franks is a Turd with Glasses