Obama and His Radical Czars

Radical DemocratsI was going through conversations the other night when someone, I forget who, posted a video that they wanted all of us to watch. I watched, and was enraged immediately. The video was basically talking about how one of these new czars was espousing the idea of fining bloggers for writing things that were negative about the government. I had to do a little research, but I knew I would be writing an article about any jerk-off who thinks that THAT is an OK thing to do. I was going to stick to that topic, but then in Tuesday’s comments, I was challenged by Ray, who didn’t believe that the czars being appointed by Obama were all that radical. He demanded proof. I then decided that tonight would be dedicated to all the czars, and the radical pasts they have. Because make no bones about it, Barack Obama has surrounded himself with perhaps the most radical group of advisors in the history of the Presidency. I thought I could write about these jokers in one night. I realized I was wrong. There was simply too much to write. So it had to get pushed to tonight instead of last night. And for the record, the logo to the left is the logo for the Radical Social Democratic Party.
The Most Radical Collection of Advisors in History