Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. Don’t Care?

I noticed that there were some discussions beginning on this subject in the threads today so I figured I would take the night to quickly open the subject for discussion. It is an area we have not tackled previously, and to be honest it is a subject that I have not had the time to research in depth. I had figured to cover it in the next couple of weeks since the President mentioned it in the State of the Union. But since I had no guest commentary submitted for this week, I figured I would throw it out there rather than simply going without another article until the beginning of next week. I am, as you can probably guess from the title, talking about the President’s promise to eliminate the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on homosexuals in the military. I know it can be a sensitive subject, and one that is often fought on lines of very different perspectives (veterans have a far different perspective on this than those who haven’t served). But perhaps we can discuss this without allowing the religious aspect of things to cloud the discussion?
Should Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Be Repealed?

The March Towards Socialism Part 5

socialism1Really? I have found the ability to write enough on this subject to warrant 5 parts? As a matter of fact I have. And you know why? Because this march was not started recently. It has been a long and slow march. But we are in the home stretch of this series, which hopefully is not the home stretch for the country as well. Tonight we will handle the run-up to President Obama. He will certainly warrant his own post as that is the evil of socialism/fascism that we can confront. The rest of these folks aren’t in power any longer, so we can’t do much but look at what they did to help the cause along. It is not that I want to live in the past. It is only that I wanted, with this series, to provide some idea of the scope of how long this build-up has been going on, so that you will understand how we got here and how difficult it will be to change course. I hope that there are those among you noticing that a certain thing is missing from this march to socialism series…
We Continue the American Death Marches