Health Care Part 6 – A Right or a Privilege

Health Care SymbolAllow me to first apologize that I was still unable to get through all of the health care bill passed by the House of (Non)Representatives on Saturday night. I am working through the first half of the week preparing for my business to run without me for the second half of the week. Never an easy task. Please remember all that I will have articles set to post for the second half of the week, but I will not actually be here posting them. I will attempt to jump in whenever possible to take care of any moderation, but can make no promises. I will return home after the memorial services on Monday and should be back in full swing then. For tonight I am going to focus the health care discussions on the premise stated in the title. Just a Citizen posted an interesting interview last night and when I watched it I was reminded of the right versus privilege debate. It seems that at the center of the health care debate is the debate over whether health care is a right, and it is time for us to discuss this….
Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege?

New Values to Old Ideals… Guest Commentary

guest-commentaryI come to another Friday night and the always popular guest commentary. As I have always said, I truly enjoy reading these and I value the effort that people put into writing about a subject that they believe in. Tonight we have a repeat guest in G.A. Rowe. I have to say that while he almost always has something to pick in the articles that I write, I also greatly respect that he sticks to his guns and doesn’t back down from a challenge. For anyone who isn’t familiar with him, G.A. believes in the Constitution, and defends it vigorously. And to say that he is a man of action, well that would be an understatement. A retired Marine, he is ready to again defend his country against a movement that he sees as harmful to the American ideals. And that is a trait that is rare in America these days, in a land of folks willing to accept the status quo rather than stand up for the rights that are being stripped from them….
Tonight’s Guest Commentary

What Did Thomas Jefferson Know About the Internet?

constitution_coverI want to thank everyone for yet another spirited debate yesterday as we discussed the treatment of Christians in today’s America. For the most part everyone was respectful and stuck to the facts rather than going on a religious rant. We were fortunate to have many different views to learn from. I am always awed by the different perspectives and my ability to learn from them all. In particular I want to welcome Chris back because he made some great points today. I imagine he will be able to contribute to tonight’s topic as well.  The debates there were good and one particular one stuck out as I perused the discussions. So I wanted to cover it further tonight. That topic would be the Constitution and its interpretation….

Is the Constitution Meant to be Interpreted?