Building a Foundation for Resurrecting America Part VI

Philosophy CursiveSo we begin tonight to get back into the philosophy discussions. However, tonight we offer a chance for everyone to do a little less “thinking” and a little more simple understanding. I know that many of you wonder exactly how Black Flag could have possibly ended up the way that he did. Heck, we all wonder such things. And that goes for myself and Just A Citizen, too. How did the three of us, who conspired to take you on the journey into philosophy in order to form a solid base, come to be the people that we are? Why does JAC think the way he does? Where did USW get that mentality from? All valid questions, and ones that we intend to answer…
The Beginning of Understanding the Three of Us

Guest Commentator… You Won’t Believe It

blackflagsymbolguest-commentaryI have bumped this post back up a bit so that some of the new readers that join can partake in what BF added to the economic discussion. This article was originally posted on February 8. OK, I am going to take a bit of a risk here. As the hundreds of you who have followed this blog for the last couple of months are well aware, there have been some rather uncomfortable comment exchanges between myself and one of the more frequent commenters on Stand Up For America. We often disagree on well… just about everything. I have generally simply quit debating him. I have tried to be clear that it isn’t personal. I simply won’t debate when it devolves into lack of respect or any type of circular argument that doesn’t give me the courtesy of benefit of the doubt on my morals or principles. However….
An interesting point of View from a Guest Commentator