When Does a Threat Cross the Line?

I was intrigued with the conversation between the SUFA members around the shooting of the 15 year on the Mexican border. Our esteemed antagonist, Black Flag, took many of us to task for our positions. As is always the case for me, I do not fall into the category of someone who has a knee jerk reaction to things. I tend to think them out and try to eliminate my biases. This situation was no different. And listening to BF’s arguments was important, because I like to analyze my positions and see if I have come to an incorrect conclusion. In doing so I found that what I need to do is define, for myself, when a person is justified in using deadly force in self defense. This article is not meant to further debate the Israeli flotilla incident or the border incident. I will touch on those, but I am more interested in the general answer than I am in an answer for a specific case or two. The question becomes: How do we determine when it is justified to use deadly force in self defense?
Taking the Emotion Out and Evaluating Facts

Wednesday Night Open Mic for June 9, 2010

As promised, the one day delay on the open mic thread proves to be just the one day. As much as I hated pushing it off for a night, I was compelled to as I found the other topic interesting and pertinent given that we were on an election night in many places. I have enjoyed the conversations thus far this week, even though some have been frustrating with some periods of unwillingness on the part of some to even consider anything other than their opinion as plausible. For tonight’s open mic we have a host of topics. We will discuss a private Christian school firing a teacher for having sex and getting pregnant three weeks before her marriage. Additionally, we will discuss the 15 year old killed on the Mexico border, California’s referendum to allow open primaries, and another round of UN sanctions that are sure to have the desired effect on Iran….
Open Mic Night Lives on