So How Much is that Old Rusted Government Worth?

Cash for Clunkers SignGood Evening All! I apologize for the unplanned evening off last night. I am currently down with my son visiting my father and grandmother. It is a trying time here. My grandmother is quite ill. We are down to that time when she can go anytime, and where every minute spent with her is precious. She had not seen my son (her great grandson) in 3 years. At the rate he is growing, that means she hasn’t seen him in about a foot and 40 pounds! She was amazed to see how big he has gotten (only 3 inches shorter than his dad now). Needless to say, this week is all about her. When she is up and lucid, I am there. That is not a plea for pity. Believe me there is no need to pity me. I have had my grandma for 40 years, and that is more than many get. And I have never missed an opportunity to see her or to tell he that I love her. So I have no regrets on my relationship with her. But it is meant to help you all understand why writing may be hit or miss the rest of this week.
Another Failed Government Program