But I Killed Bin Laden!

Despite my inability to write regularly lately, I have continued to read along as best I can and to interject comments wherever I found the inclination. One of the things that I read repeatedly over the last few weeks was the notion that the 2012 election is already over. It isn’t a statement that exists in a vacuum here at SUFA. It can be found across the lame-stream media as well. The idea that because Bin Laden was executed on his watch, Barack Obama is unbeatable in 2012. This notion is not well founded, and is in fact ridiculous. The reality is that the only one who can get elected based on killing Bin Laden are members of SEAL Team 6 that went in to that compound and double-tapped that assclown in the cranium. Tonight I offer a short article on why I think that Bin Laden will hardly play into the decisions made by the people in November of 2012.
Obama Has Already Won in 2012? Oy Vey indeed

Guest Commentary – Is the Government Killing Us? Part 2

Tonight we return to the article that some liked and others thought was interesting reading but not relevant to today’s political discussions. G-Man has been working for quite some time reading and researching these different parts of this article. And this evening we finally get to take a peek into the information that he has found. I know that for some of you, your initial reaction is that this qualifies as conspiracy theory and therefore is a waste of your time. But I submit to you that it isn’t a waste of your time. I will explain why below. That being said, this is G-Man’s article and not mine. While I see the value, I am not the one who did the research, so I am not at a point yet where I can say that it is all true or all false or anywhere in between. Much like any other “conspiracy theory type” information, I think there is inherent value in giving it daylight and exposure so that the issues can be discussed and either confirmed or debunked.
G-Man Paints A pretty Nasty Picture