Too Big to Fail, or Too Easy to Control?

Uncle Sam ShhhI was reading an interesting article this evening on the Washington Post website. I had actually diverted there from another site, I don’t remember which, that was discussing the article and the facts around it. We all are fairly fed up with the bailouts that we have seen. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was the only one that I even remotely understood as possibly being needed. That isn’t to say I approved, because I am not sure that it was needed (I would be interested in what some of our more economically inclined folks think about whether it was needed or even good). But, the government unfortunately does not seem to be too interested in my opinion about what they should or should not be doing these days (or the opinion of any other regular citizen for that matter). The bottom line is that they passed the TARP bill and President Bush signed it on into law. They blamed Bush for deregulating and allowing the madness to happen, despite the fact that both parties (and especially you Barney Frank) were fully responsible for what happened.
Nationalized Banks Happening the Round-About Way?

Industrial Economy vs. Knowledge Economy

money-toilet-paperThis is going to stray a little bit from the regular focus on pure politics for us. But I was sitting around thinking about this tonight and I wanted to get some of you smart folks to add your thoughts on where my head is at. As many of you know I am a full time student as well as the fabulous author of this blog, which means that I split a lot of my time between here and work and schoolwork (but only for 11 more days… another degree almost finished!!!). So my head is in the world of business for school a lot. In a lot of the writing I have been doing for school I have put forth the premise that we have begun the switch away from the industrial economy that made us a world power in terms of economies…
Is the Current Shift Bad for the US Economies Future?