Because It’s Offensive to be Thought Stupid

Greetings SUFA. I have a theory that I would like to present regarding political discourse in America and the bitter divide that exists between so many Americans and further between Americans and the politicians that are supposed to represent them. I made the following claim some time back to Charlie Stella: “I believe the primary reason that people seeking some sort of social justice like you have thus far failed in your quest, is that you continue to use irrational logic and emotional appeal in your claims, while calling us names and treating us like we are stupid for having a different belief.” I am going to attempt to expand on that statement and make my case regarding this theory. I look forward to the thoughts any of you may add.
The Downfall of Political Discourse

Thin Skin and Other Medical Maladies

I thought for a weekend addition to my articles I would comment on what I have seen here at SUFA over the last few weeks, although it goes back further than that in a few random instances. As many of you know, I have long demanded a level of respect for differing opinions here at Stand Up For America. In nearly all cases, that is what occurs. Every now and then things get a little testy, which is to be expected. I do my best to step in where I am needed, which admittedly isn’t often. And I think most of you know where I stand in the political spectrum. But…
We Really Need to Lose the Animosity