Guest Commentary – The Rise of Extremism

guest-commentaryTonight’s guest commentary is a little bit different than the guest commentaries of the past. Tonight I offer one written by someone who is not a regular reader at this site. I admittedly have some from you folks that have submitted them. I began working on them in earnest this week in an effort to have one ready. However, Mrs. Weapon has kept me busy. I first received an email from this author several months ago. He offered his writing as thinking material for me and I remember that it had an immediate impact. It was well written, informative, and caused the reader to perform some introspection. He has written many different articles or “open letters” in the past, and I intend to offer some of his other work in the near future. I offer tonight’s article because I felt that it was a very relevant piece considering some of the discussions that we have been having lately. I hope that you will enjoy what he has to say….
Tonight’s Guest Commentary from Warren Bonesteel

March Towards Socialism Part 2 UPDATED!

socialism1So we continue on the path to understanding what exactly is going on in today’s political environment. I think this is an important series to be covering. Folks like Adam, who jump in and throw around insults and bemoan being called socialist, need to be educated. More importantly, everyone needs to be educated. The media and the Democrats tend to try to make anyone who applies the “socialist tag” to anything out to be right wing radicals who are just fear mongering “like Republicans do”. People need to understand that socialist isn’t meant to be a negative label, at least not from me. It is meant to be an accurate label, that accurately describes what is happening in today’s society, right under our noses. I am fine with socialism, just not in America under a constitution that expressly forbids it. If people want to give socialism a shot, I can roll with that, just not here, move to some other country and try it there. HERE, constitutional law forbids socialism.
More Definitions and the Civil War Actions That Started the Decline of Liberty