Continuation of Our Punishing the Wealthy Conversation

cod6-class-warfareI felt that this was a really good discussion that unfolded on the open mic thread the other day so I was very interested in continuing it. Chris Devine was our antagonist for the day, and took a lot of flack for arguing his position. I appreciate his doing so as I think we are learning a lot from each other. I do ask that you all treat him with respect though. It isn’t easy facing down a whole group. During the day, someone was generous enough to send me an article that would help me to understand the left’s position a little better. I truly appreciated this person doing so, as it always helps to understand where people are coming from. As a result of reading the article that they sent, I decided that I would begin by addressing the article itself, as in my opinion, it was filled with false logic and reasoning. If this article provides any insight to the alternative viewpoint, I want to address it specifically and give those that oppose my point of view the opportunity to meet me and those who share my position on common ground, using the parts of the arguments that they themselves choose.
A Rebuttal to a Liberal Position Article

The Reality of Taxing the “Rich”

cod6-class-warfareWe have all heard plenty of talking points over the last year or so from the left about getting the rich to “pay their fair share”. Given the realities of who pays what in this country, that is a baffling statement from folks who obviously are appealing to emotion rather than looking at the facts surrounding what they are talking about. Recently in the comments I saw some discussion about the “death tax” and how it was the right thing to do, about what its purpose was, etc… But again I saw so many facts being ignored when that argument was being made. So I decided that I wanted to once again tackle the idea of class warfare and getting the rich under control, a game played by the left these days, but played by all politicians when it is politically expedient to do so. Because there are just too many flaws in the argument, and too many individual rights being trampled on…
Is Orwell’s 1984 a Mirror to Today’s Political Agenda?

Class Warfare.. A Liberal Chess Game

looneyleftChris brought up some issues about fairness in one of his recent comments and it got me thinking. He stated that he absolutely promotes class warfare, because it is warranted. We are rapidly approaching a breaking point in this country that has been driven by the politicians in Washington. They have promoted class warfare as a tactic to gain power. And they are furthering that tactic as a means to intrude further and further into private industry and take away the rights of American citizens. They do it by making people think that life isn’t fair, and government is going to even things up for you. Well, I will not be fooled by yet more government claims of their willingness to help Americans. I didn’t buy it from the Republicans when they ran things, and I certainly refuse to buy it from the Democrats now.
The Idiocy of the Far Left