Guest Commentary: Common Man on America Today

Unfortunately, all of my work and doctor’s appointments today left me with zero time to do anything this evening. Fortunately, it is guest commentary night and that means that I didn’t have to do much tonight anyway. I don’t really have time to write a big introduction for tonight’s guest, but I don’t really need to do that either. Tonight we have an excellent article written by Common Man. CM often participates here at SUFA and I always value his input. When he sent me this article I was excited about sharing it with all of you. I will be interested in seeing how people react to such a bold statement.
Common Man Calls It the Way He Sees It

Guest Commentary – Coalition, Evolution, Movement… Is It Time?

guest-commentaryFriday night comes to us again and with it is that wonderful thing we call guest commentary. I have to say how happy I am with the guest commentary submissions that continue to come in. As I have stated in the past, I know how much I enjoy the idea of sharing my thoughts with everyone and debating them. And I want everyone to at some point have the joy of having their work published in the public forum. To that end I hope to eventually have a guest commentary from every single reader here sent to me for publication. If I get overwhelmed with them, I will go to publishing a couple every Friday instead of one! Tonight I offer a piece that was sent to me a couple of months ago. As many of you know I have had so much going on the last several months, I struggled to keep up. So I now ashamedly offer this article long after it was written to run.
Common Man Offers some Ideas

Tuesday Night Open Mic for September 29, 2009

Open Mic 1Tuesday night and time again for open mic. I know that there are a couple of topics already lined up for this as there is the promised discussion between Charlie and myself and a thread that has been requested by Common Man that I also promised to put up. On top of that there are a few different topics out there in the news that I want to touch on so I have a full night planned here on what is supposed to be my “easy” night, lol. I have blockaded the puppy here with me so that he has no choice but to hang out with dad. And I will settle in to begin the discussion with Charlie (or at least to open it as my schedule ends tonight at 4:00 am and doesn’t bring me back to the site until around noon on Wednesday). Then we can get down to business. And once I get this all done I have some comments from yesterday’s post to go back and respond to! Oh the life of a blogger never ends. And to answer Charlie’s first question about wondering how I keep up on the site? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I am not sure that I do. I never feel like I have enough time to do all I want to do for the readers here.
A Quick Highlight of Upcoming Topics and then Open Mic

Common Man on “My Mantra Going Forward”

guest-commentaryAnd so we arrive on Guest Commentary night. Another Friday has come so quickly. An interesting week so far I must say. We have had debates on the bias of my little site. We have discussed hypocritical Democrats and Hypocritical Republicans. We have set ourselves up for some learning and introspection that will be coming to us shortly. I have asked for more guest commentary pieces for submission. And you, my dear readers, have responded with a slew of them, which pleases me more than I can put into words. The differing opinions and discussions that come from them are refreshing and rewarding for all those who frequent Stand Up For America…
Tonight’s Guest Commentary