Health Care Part 4: Death Panels

Health Care SymbolI figured it was about time that I got back to the health care series and began answering some of the questions that are out there. You all presented a plethora of things that you wanted me to research and I have been attempting to read everything I can in order to find some answers. Tonight I am going to talk about one of the hot button issues that seemed to stoke the fires at the town hall meetings. It seems there was a lot of sentiment out there for the fear of government creating death panels that will decide life and death for our elderly. I know that there is strong belief on both sides of this debate. Those on the left compare anyone who even asks the question to the “birther” movement and therefore state I am simply crazy for even giving any time to look deeper into the allegation. But I say failing to do some research and find out what government is really up to is as naive and crazy as anything I have heard. After all, with this group of 535 criminals running the show, Death Panels isn’t that far fetched of an idea.
Discussing Some of the Claims Out There