Two Quick Articles for Your Judgement

With tonight’s guest commentary being posted I don’t want to take away to much of the attention away from it. But there were two articles that caught my attention and I wanted to post them in the open mic format so that folks can give their thoughts on them. The first falls into the Twilight Zone peripheral while the second falls more into the WTF are we doing area. As a side note, I have postponed the article responding to Mathius until he returns. He had asked for some thoughts on the elitist attitude from both sides and I have begun writing it. But it makes no sense to post the article he requested while he is not here to be a part of the discussion. So rest easy, Mathius, you won’t miss it. And enjoy your time away. Because you know we will all be waiting here to tear up your arguments when you come back 🙂
A Little bit of Can You Believe This S**t

I Am Suing My Readers for Disagreeing With Me

I understand that this is a bit of rant rather than the “hard core” politics that we have been covering here. But every now and then I have to just vent, and this is my blog after all. So while I am intensely grateful for all of you who come to read it, I sometimes have to just go my own way and rant. Thank you for indulging me. And besides I did a lot of research tonight for the Cabinet Selections post only to realize that it is too much to make into a post….. and I surely didn’t want to disappoint anyone by not having something for you to wake up to….
See Why All of You Should Be Looking Out for the Sheriff Serving Papers