White House is Proving They are Not Fit to Lead

Boo Hoo PosterWell, I have returned home and can now get back to writing like I am supposed to write! I was out of town all last week and operating from a hotel with spotty internet access. On top of that I was quite busy with work, which had me on a weird schedule working in a different location. But I did enjoy my time there and met quite a few cool folks in Dawsonville, Georgia. I touched on this subject a week or two ago, and I was going to let it rest because when I talked about it them I thought it was nothing more than a bold and outlandish statement from a rogue idiot in the White House (Anita Dunn). But today saw all the top administration officials from the White House hit the Sunday morning media circuit to further their message and attempt to really begin to take down Fox News. It was one thing when a statement was made. It is quite another now that it has become clear that President of the United States thinks the most pressing item on his plate is taking down a media outlet that doesn’t ask how high when he says jump….
Why Does the White House Resemble a Bad Movie Fraternity?

An Official Denial From the White House

912 Unite or Die FlagI apologize that I was unable to write last night and further that I am writing quite late and quickly tonight. To say things have been difficult around the Weapon household would be an understatement. I appreciate all the kind words everyone offered and the well wishes for Mrs. Weapon as she recovers from a major surgery. It is certainly taking more that we imagined to get through all the surgery stuff and deal with all the stuff we will have to deal with going forward as a result of the surgery. So please bear with me the next few weeks, as I will sometimes offer great articles, sometimes offer decent articles, and sometimes offer nothing at all, LOL. I am working on another article that I don’t have quite ready yet, so for tonight I wanted to start a discussion to attempt to get to the reality of what we witnessed this weekend. Another “Tea Party” was planned for 9/12, and thousands of people showed up….
Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin eyes?