New Era of Financial Responsibility: Day Two

I am going to be trying this particular tactic out for a couple of weeks and see how it works out. As it typically has worked out these days, I write my article, fully hoping to engage in discussion, only to go to work the next day and not be able to discuss the topic that I wrote about! For example the only comment I got in today was a response to Charlie during my lunch break. So what I am going to do is take two days for the discussion from Monday morning. As it stands I have been posting an article Monday morning around 2:00am and then allowing discussion for two days and doing open mic Wednesday morning. Rather than post no article on Monday night / Tuesday morning, I am going to write a follow up that answers some of the comments from the discussion of that day. Since the Monday morning article is usually the “heavy” one for the week, it will help to ensure that I continue to follow up on my thoughts and engage those of you that take the time to comment on my articles. Plus I can take a bit more time and answer a thought or two more thoroughly. I will start tonight with the idea of de-regulation.
USWeapon Addresses Some Sticking Points from Yesterday’s Conversations

A New Era of Financial Responsibility

Whew… A long week for me last week. Traveling, working, and spending time with my son. It left me little time to pursue my passion of writing here at SUFA. But now I am back to work on the site for a couple weeks until I have to travel again for two weeks. Tonight I want to talk about something that I have been wanting to talk about all week. I want to tread into the realm of financial reform and financial responsibility as put forth by our federal government. This article is going to address some things, mostly done by the Obama administration, but really simply pertains to our federal government in general. To be honest, the words fiscal and responsibility should not even be allowed to be used in the same sentence with federal government, unless it is done to point out a lack of it. The sheer magnitude of fiscal ineptitude displayed by the federal government is staggering, and it has now pushed us both to the edge of financial disaster and to the brink of full government control over the private industry in the United States. This is both infuriating and scary as hell. And I have to say that I have taken one step closer to believing a rebellion is the only answer.
Why We Are Screwed Financially in America

Warren Buffet on Growing Mountain of Debt

warren-buffetWheeewwww! Taking a moment to exhale here. I have been working on the blog all night long at this point. About 7 hours thus far. I am working on my promised series on health care. To say that there is a lot to read and research is an understatement. With all the political games being played on this issue, you literally cannot take anyone at their word on either side of the aisle. So every statement requires some research. Tonight included the reading for two hours of a UN report on population (life expectancy, mortality, fertility, population growth, and factors). Boring read but essential to actually understanding the staggering numbers politicians throw at us. I had thought tonight would be the night I posted the first part to the series. After working all night on it, I have realized there is no way I can finish part one tonight. So it gets pushed to at least tomorrow. And instead of writing a nothing article with no coherent thought (which I am sure that some of you think all my articles are), I figured I would offer up a little bit of someone else’s thoughts that I found interesting.
Warren Buffet Writes an Op-Ed