TSA… My Thoughts

I again want to thank everyone for forgiving my erratic posting this week. It has been one heck of a week around here and it is only Wednesday night! Family stuff and my first week at a new job in a new industry. I do want to take a quick moment and thank all of you for your well wishes surrounding the tragedy in my family. That I can come on here and find that 30-40 people have taken time to wish me well and take time to think about me and my family is truly heartwarming. The relationships that have developed because of this blog are truly an amazing thing for me. I live my life boatloads happier just for knowing that there are so many people out there who I have a kinship with. No matter where I go in this country I can find a friend. And all of you can find one in North Carolina. So thank you for all your kind thoughts. As for the TSA article that I posted the other night, I never was able to get in and post what I think. So I wanted to do that now, because I certainly have some strong feelings about not only the situation faced by Tyner, but the entire airport security situation in general.
Get USW’s Thoughts on the TSA and the Scanners

Tuesday Night Open Mic for February 9, 2010

Open Mic night returns once again and this week we have some interesting topics and some conversations that we are continuing from other days. I wanted to discuss the Sarah Palin speech from the other night, but it didn’t warrant an entire article so it is a topic here. Additonally, I was planning on discussing Mathius’ contribution yesterday written from the perspective that liberals are elitist and he wondered aloud what one written from the other side would look like. I have instead decided that I will make that its own article instead of giving it small legs here. I think it will be a good discussion to focus on. That should be Sunday night’s article since there will be a guest commentary this week. For the record, I really liked that last week there were some folks who posted open mic topics of their own. That is more what I envisioned this to be. I provide a few topics to get us started and then others provide the things that they want to talk about.
Tonight’s Open Mic

You Can Just Call Me… “V”

v-symbol-with-maskYou guys didn’t really think I was going to let this topic go by without covering it did you? I had to let myself calm down a little bit to be honest. Because it is this type of hate speech that is becoming an identifying trait of the modern day far left liberal politician. Today’s target is Janet Napolitano. And that means that you already know where I am going with this post. Janet is a far left loon. There are many far left loons currently serving in the United States Congress and federal government today. And this is why I keep warning my liberal friends and readers that they may want to start distancing themselves from the Democratic party now, before the real main stream America (as opposed to the made up one that the MSM keeps telling you exists) gets them completely figured out. Because once that happens, I can’t protect those who stood up and supported the policies these whackos were executing….
Declaring Any Government Opposition as Extremism