Tuesday Night Open Mic for May 11, 2010

It is always a fun night for me when I do open mic. I get to do little touches on stories that wouldn’t be nearly big enough for me to devote an entire article to. Additionally, I get to really scour the net and all the different sites out there to find topics, which gets me seeing lots of little interesting articles. I have often contemplated something like having a “bizarre article or website of the week” or “You Tube Video of the Week” where we truly share some of the absolutely bizarre things out there, or the really funny or interesting things. Perhaps some day soon I shall have to go down that path and begin doing something like that. But for tonight we have our regular stuff: politics. We begin with yet another fascist ruling from a public education system that has gone absolutely mad. We touch on the President’s Supreme Court nomination, as well as his comments that information today has become a distraction. Only three topics for me tonight, but I didn’t have as much time as usual. I will try to add one or two throughout the day to whatever all of you post!
Open Mic