Johann Hari and the Dying Wails of a Small Minded Mission

We begin another week with another look into the fascinating world of the global warming alarmists who, at this point, are merely incapable of using reason or logic to think things through. I have to admit that I admire the tenacity that these folks have. Despite massive amounts of counter-arguments, they still manage to move forward with the warning calls, completely ignoring all the things that simply render their argument moot. I think the thing that fascinates me the most about these carnival barkers is that they continually lambast opponents for using faulty logic or ill-conceived arguments, and then they go right ahead and do exactly what it is they just railed about. It boggles the mind. Global warming is something that I simply cannot ignore. The consequences of allowing the progressive movement to move forward with their plans are simply too devastating. At this point, I see the really loud voices in the debate as nearly as crack-pottish as Cesca is about racism. Therefore, I will continue to hammer them until the world shouts them down as the fruitballs that they are.
A Step by Step Dismantling of the Environmentalists Latest Attempts

Not In My Back Yard…

I offer a bit of a fluff piece for the night. I am currently at my brother-in-laws to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday so I am in a strange house that takes me a bit out of my element for writing. But I saw this and it epitomized the movements towards energy independence for the US. The culprit this time is Diane Feinstein, a very liberal Democrat Senator from, you guessed it, The socialist republic of California. She is all for alternative forms of energy, so long as they are not in her back yard.
I think the Environmentalists Are living in a Dream World