A Santa Story…

Well sort of….  It’s really about energy & the environment.

Admittedly, I’m  not very pro-green.  But then, I don’t lie about what I am and what I think.  I don’t like pollution.  I do not litter.  And I drive a gas guzzler.  So does my wife, the biggest SUV I could put her into.  Is there any “clean energy” I support?  Maybe, how much does it cost? According to figures from the Energy Information Administration, oil and gas subsidies compute to about 25 cents per megawatt hour, while wind and solar is about $24.(1) You want me to drive an electric car?  OK,  I will consider it, after you build the power plants to charge 100 million other electric vehicles.  Oh, and you have to do that without any subsidies (meaning taxes).  So, what kind of power plants will you build?  It seems to me, that every time they attempt to build a solar or wind farm, it’s the environmentalists that stop it.
LOI Let’s Us Understand How the Environmental Claims Are Like the Jolly Elf

The Oil Spill Disaster… Criminal or Accidental?

I have followed this story since the beginning, as the rest of the US has done, mostly because I am not really given a choice. It dominates the news daily, which I wouldn’t really have an issue with if I thought it was doing so for the right reasons. Obviously, that statement means that I don’t believe that it is being done for the right reasons. I will get into that shortly. What I want to start with is a serious look at the spill, the company that is in question, and the way that the entire situation is being handled in the media. British Petroleum is really being hung out to dry and I have to question whether they are being treated fairly by the powers that be. I understand that they bear some responsibility for the disaster and the events that led up to the spill, but I really find myself questioning whether they are worthy of the absolute demonization that has happened from day one of this situation. After all, it isn’t as though they intentionally caused this to happen.
BP is Now on the Hot Seat