Guest Commentary – EPA Budget Cuts Needed

Tonight I offer a guest commentary, something that we haven’t had since we started having regular contributors to the Stand Up For America dialogue. For the record, I am still interested in guest commentary pieces from all of you who read here but don’t have time to be a regular contributor. Guest commentaries are the best way for me to give a voice to those who haven’t built an audience that allows them to get their message out. Tonight’s commentary on the Environmental Protection Agency is provided by Scott Portman. Scott has written articles for a few sites out there and wanted to contribute the following to the dialogue here at SUFA. Thursday morning should feature the article that I have been working on and then I believe I only have one other completed article from the regular contributors, so send in your guest commentaries now!
Scott Portman on the EPA

Guest Commentary – Fantasy Candidate Part 4

Tonight we delve back into the fantasy candidate series from Jon Smith. For those who read Jon’s site as well as this one, he has already posted this article there. However, there are quite a few of you here that do not regularly frequent Jon’s site, so I wanted to make sure that this gets seen by all of you as well. Tonight we delve into the positions that Jon’s fantasy candidate would take on existing legislation that we should be working to repeal. I have tried to think about everything on the list and I don’t see any of these that would be bad to repeal. But I do absolutely agree with Jon that on many of them we would have to take a slow approach that allows the pain from elimination to be minimal. I think that this part of the series will perhaps be the one that has the most constructive discussion around it. I will be interested in seeing what areas you think he missed, or what areas that he hit that you disagree with. I know that some of them seem to be simply “anti-Democrat” positions, such as health care, but if you are against repealing it, please explain why. I will do my best to be involved in the discussion on this article over the next few days as well.
Jon Offers Legislation that Needs to Go Away

Guest Commentary – Regulation’s Unheralded Effects

Friday night again and this week I have a submission for guest commentary! I have to say, as I always do, that I love when other folks become passionate enough to write about a topic and share their thoughts and research with all of us here at Stand Up For America. Over the last couple of weeks, I have read a lot of comments that espoused the idea that we have to begin taking action. I hear those calls, and I certainly echo them. There is much to be said for action. We must make sure that our actions are in line with our philosophical discussions in order to ensure that the results are what we want. But action is needed now. For all those who read here regularly, I urge you to write an article that outlines the actions that you believe we need to be taking. That allows all of us here to read the plan, evaluate it, and make sure that it falls in line with the principles and values that we all commonly share. The first step to action is a plan. I understand this. I wish that I, as the author of this site, had all the answers to cure the ills of America, but alas I do not. But I have thus far gathered an impressive group of folks. I am sure we can compile and implement action items if we can just get them into the discussion realm. So get writing patriots!
Tonight’s Guest Commentary

Tuesday night Open Mic for November 17, 2009

Open Mic is upon us once again. I have to say tha tI have liked the idea of open mic since we have started doing it regularly. It certainly gives me a slightly easier night for writing. But i am a bit disappointed in the fact that the original intent has not been nearly as realized as I had hoped. Certainly I want to foster discussion, and thus offer 4 short topics that can get some discussions going. However, I really thought that there would be more of folks offering topics of their own, as opposed to simply replying to mine. So don’t be afraid to post the things that you want to discuss as well as my topics. Or pull topics over from other days that you didn’t get to finish. That was the idea for open mic, a chance to tell me what we are going to discuss today, hitting the important things to you rather than me. None-the-less, we have some interesting topics this week. We have gay marriage, taxing the rich, and government agencies attempting to control the message.
Open Mic Reigns Supreme on Wednesday

The Importance of a Light Bulb

congressman-ted-poeAnother bit of levity here as that is needed every now and then lest we all go insane debating government. A friend of mine shared this with me the other night. The video is hysterical and there is a link to it at the bottom for those that want to watch it as opposed to reading the transcript here. It seems that Representative Ted Poe from Texas has an issue with government putting their hands into everything, especially the federally mandated dependence on foreign lighting. As I have said, he is becoming my favorite Congressman for a reason. It is well worth watching just for his rant. But if you choose to watch, watch the whole 5 minutes.
Reducing America’s Dependence on Foreign Illumination