Does Miranda Help or Hurt Us?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a ton of clamoring from both sides of the political spectrum over the fact that those who have committed alleged terrorist acts have been read their Miranda rights upon capture. Those on the right tend to lean towards their actions falling under an act of war, and therefore, the defendant should not be treated as a criminal, but instead as a war criminal (where no Miranda is necessary, but informing of a right to counsel is under some circumstances). Those on the left tend to feel that those who commit acts of terror are criminals just like any other, and therefore, they should be read their Miranda rights as required. I want to first state that I personally don’t think that the reading of Miranda rights to these terrorist suspects means a single thing. After all, it certainly doesn’t seem to stop us from getting the information that we are after….
Why Miranda was a Mistake, and Shouldn’t Be an Issue Here

NYC Trials: Politics or Justice?

I have to admit that this story is getting far more traction than I initially thought that it would get. At first I was really at a loss in understanding why it was getting such outrage from the Republican network. But the more I see the less I like, and I am beginning to see why there seems to be such an outrage. I can certainly also understand why New Yorkers are so against the move made around the trial. What I am failing to understand is how anyone from the left is able to support such a move being made by the administration. I can see no valid arguments being made by those on the left that would justify the Attorney General moving the trial to a civilian court in NY instead of a military tribunal in Cuba. None-the-less, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, along with 4 others will be tried in a civilian court in New York rather than in a military tribunal. And I am not pleased that this is the case.
Exactly Why is this a Good Idea Again?

ACORN… Time to Roast the Nuts Over an Open Fire

ObamacornThe last several days saw a vast amount of coverage surrounding ACORN, the community action group that is credited with playing a large part in the campaign of President Barack Obama. I begin writing this article with similar information to what all of you have already heard. Perhaps a little more from the extra junk that I have read. But I want to understand whether my negative opinion of ACORN is warranted or not. So I figured I would write an article, do the research, and figure out for myself if this organization is as crooked as they appear to be. On the surface the organization appears to have a ton of issues, especially given the string of videos that have been coming out over the last week and a half. There are lots of accusations (and subsequent denials) claiming that President Obama has a tie to ACORN. I will investigate that as well. But most important, this article is meant to be sort of a fact finding mission when it comes to ACORN. And in the end, we will wrap it up by noticing who is somehow completely not seeing ACORN anywhere on their radar.
What Exactly is Going On at ACORN?

Tuesday Night Open Mic for September 1, 2009

Open Mic 1Tuesday night open mic. I cannot even begin to tell you how glad I am to be here. A night that doesn’t require as much of me. The last couple nights have been tough with lots of reading and research. The health care series, which I plan on posting the first part of either tomorrow night or the next (I planned for tomorrow but it may have gotten bumped a day to discuss the “czars”, especially the whack jobs that want to fine bloggers) has been a lot of work. And I am only nearly finished with the first article! And last night’s socialism article was also much more time consuming than I thought it would be when I started it. But boy did it result in some classic discussions. I appreciate that what I have read thus far was respectful, but man was there some nonsense flowing from all directions. But we have reached the night where I only offer a few suggestions and allow you to choose the topics. So let me not dilly dally here any longer and get on to gettin on. Let the Open Mic begin…
Tuesday Night Open Mic

Dual Issue Article

stand-up-for-americaI was sitting here thinking about what I wanted to write about tonight and there were several issues that interested me that I was considering. The problem is that none of them were issues that were going to be enough to fill up an entire article for the night. I wanted to discuss Barney Franks and his return to the Bill O’Reilly arena this evening. It certainly interested me, especially after watching it twice. Another topic that caught my eye, especially in light of some of the health care discussions that have been happening on the site lately, was that of 50 Doctors and medical professionals indicted by the federal government for medicare fraud. Neither of these issues warranted a full article for me this evening, and I didn’t want to start researching something bigger knowing I have some long work days coming up. So I decided to do both of them…
A Two Issue Article

Letting Stevens Off the Hook

I have a couple of thoughts on this subject. Many of you will remember that former Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska was indicted on federal charges some time ago. He was convicted of seven counts of felony corruption. It was an embarrassment for the Republican Party, at a time when they certainly didn’t need any further embarrassment. It seems some things have changed in regard to his case, certainly the tone against him from Washington has changed as well. I decided that I would address this from both sides of the issue because I think doing so demonstrates the game politicians are playing with us.
Just Another Crooked Politician Walking Away Free

A Nation of Cowards… or Realists?

I have to say that I was really disappointed by the statements made recently by the first black US Attorney General, Eric Holder. Allow me to just be up front about this… I don’t like Eric Holder in the first place. He was a horrible selection to be the AG. Perhaps The Messiah’s worst pick of the bunch, which is really bad because The Messiah has made some BAD picks, including several who had to didn’t bother to pay the taxes they want to prosecute us for not paying.
Why Talking About Race is a Dangerous Proposition for Whites