Tuesday Night Open Mic for July 13, 2010

We arrive at open mic off of a couple of nights of what I felt were good topics but somewhat limited discussions around them. I know I have been a little more edgy the last couple of nights (I prefer the term passionate, lol). Did that scare some people away from having some tough discussions? I have found myself frustrated this week with politics as I watch the idiots in Washington DC continue to go down paths of destruction. That has caused me to be, shall we say, blunt. I didn’t really back off of that on tonight’s topics either! I hope folks aren’t finding me so abrasive that they are shunning SUFA! For tonight’s topics I offer a bit of Al Franken’s election being exposed as a fraud, Europe increasing their invasion into privacy rights, the IMF telling the US to cut Social Security, and the FCC getting smacked down by the courts over a censorship rule. As always, it is open mic so feel free to add whatever topics you would like to talk about. The next post for the week will be Kent’s guest commentary on Thursday night so we have two days to discuss stuff here. I will also be going back and adding to the discussions from Monday and Tuesday. So fire away!
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Not USWeapon’s Thoughts Tonight… An Internet Outage!

As I begin writing this quick explanation, the clock stares down at me with the little hand pointing at the number 3. I am unsure what caused it, but there was an outage for internet this evening at the Weapon household for about 3 hours. I use a cable modem and I had no cable, no internet, and no phone service at home. I first had to check to make sure that the lines had not been cut as the start of an assault on the Weapon household. My first thought was that the cat had finally organized an uprising against Canine Weapon, and aimed to catch him while he was running in his sleep. However, the line was not cut, and I suspect that the Cat has postponed the mutiny due the to threat of being forced to eat dry food. I will keep my eyes peeled though, as there is always the threat of a feline uprising. Those uppity cats always think we humans are meant to serve them. I have applied for a Raptor security contingent. D13 has yet to process the request. But enough about the internet outage. Instead of taking two or three hours writing a piece starting so late, I offer two articles from elsewhere that I found interesting today.
Global Tea Party Fear and Americans Losing Willpower