Guest Commentary – A Trip to Oz

We have guest commentary moved to a different night. I took some of the advice that was offered and moved the guest commentary to a different night in order to give the writings of others a little more exposure. Tonight we get to hear from a long time reader and active participant at Stand Up For America. But in an interesting twist on topics, he has offered up an article that takes a look at one of the big conspiracy theories that are out there. He compiled a lot of information that was out there and linked some things together. The point in presenting such an article is not to make folks panic or even to espouse a belief that they are true. He merely offered the article as a look into one of them for folks to peruse and consider. I have to be honest and say that I was unsure whether this was a topic that I wanted covered at SUFA, but in the end, I have decided that it isn’t my place to determine the answer to that. While I may be the creator of this site, I am still here to serve all of you. And that means that you get to discuss what you want to discuss.
G-Man Takes Us on a Trip to OZ