Tuesday Night Open Mic for May 18, 2010

Open mic night is again upon us and I have once again found myself with less time than I would prefer when writing. The discussions on the Arizona immigration laws has been both exhilarating and sometimes frustrating. I thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and comments on that topic. You are obviously welcome to bring continuing conversations forward to today’s thread. Because of my limited time this evening, I am only going to offer three topics instead of the usual four. I will attempt to add some other topics during the day on Wednesday. I also intend to have a guest commentary for Thursday night as well. I have several submitted and merely need to work on formatting them and working with the authors on any changes. For tonight we begin with some incumbents and favorites losing out on primary seats, Reverend Wright crying about his treatment from the White House, and the GOP blocking some financial reform stuff in Congress.
Open Mic

Tuesday Night Open Mic for March 30, 2010

Alas, I already find myself at the Tuesday Night Open Mic. It has been a quick start to the week. The conversations thus far have been interesting. The individual liberty discussions were especially good, but we didn’t get to the core of the issues quite yet. We danced around some of them. I will be bringing that article forward in a couple days instead of posting another article so that the discussions can go further. Open mic brings a host of different topics, from global warming taking a larger international hit to the President attempting to mischaracterize the tea party movement. Sprinkled in there we have Arriana Huffington completely missing on her reasoning for the decline of innovation in America and the courts issuing a stupid verdict in the case of the hatemongers from Westbor Baptist (it is not a) Church. We also have a little bit of government claiming that fearing the government is a good thing and a good old politician playing a politician’s game, and sucking at it. As an added bonus I brought over a Black Flag offering from late Tuesday that many may have missed.
Open Mic Begins with a Click