Wednesday Night Open Mic for July 21, 2010

And a hearty good evening to all of my dear SUFA readers. I apologize for my lack of participation this week. I traveled all day on Tuesday and arrived late that night in Central Florida for a few days spent with my father. I simply never seem to have as much time with him as I would like to have. Alas, this trip is the same, as I must be going back on Friday. It is worth all the driving just to watch Canine Weapon and my father’s dog play endlessly for the last 36 hours (and I do mean endlessly). Tomorrow a little golf with the old man, where he will whip me. I will post an article or two to the open mic this evening, but probably won’t get up to my usual 4. As always, everyone is invited to bring their own topics to the discussion. While I haven’t been able to participate, I have been checking in to watch some of the discussions. I will be doing the same for the next day or two until I get home and can get back to my regular schedule.
Open Mic