Tuesday Night Open Mic for August 18, 2009

Open Mic 1As we breeze through another week of fun and politics, we reach tuesday night open mic once again. Its been an interesting week thus far, with the far left taking a shot at me, a new dog in my household (which in day one has been a lot of work), and a return to work coming that I am not looking forward to. But tonight is easy. Open mic is always a nice break for me. Although, as you have all noticed, I have taken a few nights off here and there. Good for the sanity (and the marriage I might add!). I appreciate all the health care questions you guys submitted as we trek towards the upcoming series. I was surprised to see so much that people wanted to know. I will do my best to not let you down. As for tonight, the topics I have to offer include a fraudulent campaign by the Clean Coal Coalition, Charges pending in the Obama as Joker posters, and weapons being brought to Presidential Town Hall meetings….
On to Open Mic