A Thought on Dividing the Discussions…

avatar-flagI have been sitting around the last couple of days thinking about the direction of the site. For anyone who has not done so, I have to say that it is really daunting to write your own blog, especially when it concerns something of substance. What I mean by that is that writing a blog about your dog is easy. Writing a blog about college life is easy. Writing a blog about politics…. NOT so easy. Especially when I have managed to bring together some really intelligent people from all over the political spectrum. From one angle I have those coming from the point of view of BlackFlag and Kent. Two highly intelligent guys who challenge me on every principle and force me to seek true freedom. I also have Just A Citizen and PeterB.(although Peter is quickly moving more towards BF than JAC! LOL), who are similar in their intelligence and principles, but slightly different in their political views. Folks like these four routinely challenge me in great ways to stick to principles and morals, even when doing so makes my task a hundred fold harder.
Why Writing a Political Blog is One of the Biggest Challenge I Have Undertaken

New Values to Old Ideals… Guest Commentary

guest-commentaryI come to another Friday night and the always popular guest commentary. As I have always said, I truly enjoy reading these and I value the effort that people put into writing about a subject that they believe in. Tonight we have a repeat guest in G.A. Rowe. I have to say that while he almost always has something to pick in the articles that I write, I also greatly respect that he sticks to his guns and doesn’t back down from a challenge. For anyone who isn’t familiar with him, G.A. believes in the Constitution, and defends it vigorously. And to say that he is a man of action, well that would be an understatement. A retired Marine, he is ready to again defend his country against a movement that he sees as harmful to the American ideals. And that is a trait that is rare in America these days, in a land of folks willing to accept the status quo rather than stand up for the rights that are being stripped from them….
Tonight’s Guest Commentary

Some Links to Those Who Write Here

OK, a long day coming to an end for me. Because I spent my evening at the hockey game and in the traffic leaving it, I simply don’t have the time to write a coherent post this evening. And as an interesting factor in the mix tonight, I am a bit intrigued with some of the discussion on last night’s post. So I am going to fill you all in on my night, offer some interesting reading from some of the folks who write blogs and also comment here, and then direct you to continuing the discussion that we started yesterday. 
A Night of Rest for Me and Promoting Some of Our Commenters

Guest Commentary – One Argument To Abolish The Political Party System In The U.S.A.

guest-commentarySo here we are again on another Friday night at Stand Up For America. And we all know that we have turned Friday nights into guest commentary nights! I have to say that I really do enjoy the different articles that I get from people. They are well thought out and often have a different take on the issue than the one that I would have provided. When I did the first commentary with BlackFlag, I was skeptical about having others having such a voice on what was “my” site. What I have realized since is that this is not my site at all. It belongs to all of you. I post an article and you all have discussions. I get into them when I can, but the site is really about all of us learning, debating, compromising, and hearing differing opinions.
It’s Friday Night, and You Know What That Means…