Financial Regulation – A Banker’s Perspective

As I mentioned to all of you a couple of weeks ago, this busy season will sometimes leave me with little time to research and offer a quality article of my own making. On those nights I will sometimes not have anything at all, but on other nights I will offer something written by someone else. Tonight I give you the latter. We have had plenty of discussion here about the roles of Wall Street and the big banks in the current economic situation. I was over at the Huffington Post reading around, and I found this article from a banker, who offered his perspective on the situation we face. It isn’t very often we are going to sit around and watch the finance committee hearings to hear what the bankers have to say. So I thought it appropriate that on the day when the President brought the bank CEO’s in and “laid the smack down” on them, we get a little bit of opinion from someone on the other side of the issue.
A Banker’s Point of View on Getting Regulation Right