Tuesday Night Open Mic for December 1, 2009

We enter December, the time for Holiday cheer and Congress debating bills that will ensure future Christmas days will be filled with disappointed children with no presents because all the money was spent by the reckless federal government. Watching some of the debates in the Senate are literally sickening. Nothing like watching future prosperity being bickered away by two groups who are desperate to ensure their own financial futures. Tonight was the President’s speech on the plan for Afghanistan. I listened to what I could and will listen to the rest tomorrow. I am not happy with the speech thus far. Tonight’s speech and the whole issue of Afghanistan will be the topic for tomorrow night, as I have plenty to say and not near enough time to both review the speech and offer my thoughts tonight. As for the topics below, I will attempt to participate in the conversations today in between errands and I may offer an additional topic or two throughout the day. As always I encourage everyone else to add as well!
Let’s Delve into Another Open Mic Night

Obama Motor Corporation and Geithner LLC

gm-bailoutHere we go again. We all knew it would come. The first bailout was not enough to save the big three automakers. As I promised back during the first stages of this, here is the second auto bailout from this group of pro state-run industry Democrats. Forget that the government shouldn’t be involved in the workings of the free market in the first place (seems to be a recurring frakking theme doesn’t it?). At what point do these idiots in Washington get the clue that they are simply throwing bad money after good? At what point do the rest of the America taxpayers get to the point where they get disgusted with having to pay for a company’s survival when the company that owns that company refuses to spend the money themselves?
Welcome the Newest Government Run Businesses to the Market!