Common Man on “My Mantra Going Forward”

guest-commentaryAnd so we arrive on Guest Commentary night. Another Friday has come so quickly. An interesting week so far I must say. We have had debates on the bias of my little site. We have discussed hypocritical Democrats and Hypocritical Republicans. We have set ourselves up for some learning and introspection that will be coming to us shortly. I have asked for more guest commentary pieces for submission. And you, my dear readers, have responded with a slew of them, which pleases me more than I can put into words. The differing opinions and discussions that come from them are refreshing and rewarding for all those who frequent Stand Up For America…
Tonight’s Guest Commentary

Coming Soon… The Breathing Tax

co2-smallI appreciate so many folks understanding my night off last night. I try not to take a night off of writing very often. I went back to school a couple of years ago to pursue another degree. I graduate in 3 weeks. I will have so much more free time then. I cannot wait. Thank you to everyone who submitted some ideas for what to write about tonight. I vow to cover all the ideas submitted over the next week or two. But it seemed as though the one that was wanted by the majority was the cap and trade discussion. So that is what we will cover. I know it is confusing to many, because the name doesn’t really tell us what it is about, but we all need to be paying attention to this one. And we need to rally against it hard….
Soon to Follow Will Be Breathing Permits