Let’s Start With the Department of Education

I am baffled daily with the ridiculousness that masquerades as the United States Federal Government. I mean, really, is there a better example of elitist ass clowns who bleat on about fixing this and changing that all while completely ignoring all the obvious fixes and changes that need to happen? The debt debate has been a perfect example of the hopelessness that exists when one thinks that any of these fools are in the slightest bit interested in doing what needs to be done in Washington DC. The only thing that is more ridiculous than a DC politicians are the millions of Americans who play along with the charade, believing that this party or that party is really the one trying to fix things and the “other side” is a group of godless heathens intent on ruining the American way of life.
There Are Plenty of Prudent Trimming Options Available

Change that USW Can Believe In

Over the last couple of years, the debate here at SUFA, and realistically across the entire country, has been over federal government spending and the ways to pay for said madness. There are all kinds of statements that get thrown around in this arena. We have the folks on the left, who espouse raising the income tax rate on the top earners in America as a way to increase revenue and help us “get out of the hole we are in.” We have the folks on the right who espouse lowering the tax on top earners as they are the job creators and thus will be the ones to get us out of the hole. And that has been the basic framework of the debate in American politics today. But both sides are equally flawed. And true to the American political spectrum, both sides falsely vilify the other, while neither side wants to admit that it is the drunken Uncle Sam feeling up your cousin that is the real villain…
Shared Sacrifice Means that Only You Sacrifice

Guest Commentary… Getting to Know GOOOH

guest-commentaryGuest Commentary night again. As I have continued to say, this is one of my favorite parts of this blog. I love being able to have other folks talk about what they are passionate about. I love giving a forum to different ideas and points of view. As always, I have not censored or altered the thoughts of the guest commentator. As such, the opinions of guest commentators are their own, and have nothing to do with me. I am merely the conduit to the process. Over the last couple of weeks we have had some great commentaries. We had a Canadian’s take on Socialized Health Care, Common Man’s signs of socialism, and LOI’s take on the influences that pushed us there. I hope to see even more from folks as this becomes a regular Friday night tradition (so get writing all of you!). Tonight’s guest commentator is making a return appearance in the guest commentary spotlight. It seems that he liked the attention so much last time that he has subjected himself to coming back for more scrutiny and abuse! So I bring all of you tonight’s guest commentary from Life of Illusion
Understanding the GOOOH Movement