Is FreedomWorks simply the Conservative ACORN?

Another night with not as much time to write as I would like. I have found myself in the position of having an extremely sore back, which makes it difficult to sit in one place or position for too long, and impossible to sit in certain positions. Oh, the lament of doing a job that put my body through the ringer at one time. I am not complaining, as it will be better in a day or so. I was watching a video this evening over at HuffPo that was about the incident involving the Geico voiceover guy who lost his job over a message that he left on the machine over at FreedomWorks. I will recap that shortly below, but it led me to start looking a little bit closer at the group in question. Having not researched FreedomWorks in the past, I was dismayed to find that they are not exactly on the up and up, at least not from first appearances. In fact, I am wondering whether they are really nothing more than the conservative version of ACORN….
I Seek the Opinion of My Readers in Looking at FreedomWorks