Some Second Thoughts

I took note to some of the comments yesterday that some took great offense to the fact that I front-load my arguments and have negative things to say up front about some entities. As a result, I went back and read over my articles of the last several months. I can admit that I have become a bit more combative over the last year. Perhaps that should change. Perhaps not. I will have to ponder it a bit before I decide. But I do want to address a few things that will, I hope, help those of you who take so much offense to my words put things in their proper perspective. Maybe it won’t. I acknowledge that there is a chance I am talking to walls who will see the wrong in other’s statements but never their own.
Some Thoughts and Retractions

Entering the “Green Zone”; Leaving Reality

Many months ago I saw the trailers for the Matt Damon film, “Green Zone.” Just seeing the trailers was enough for me to see that it appeared to be an anti-American movie, so I decided that I wasn’t going to go give my hard earned money at the theater to watch it, despite the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed Damon and director Paul Greenglass’s previous Bourne movies. This afternoon, I was flipping through channels and found the movie starting on one of the premium movie channels. I figured if I didn’t have to pay for it, and thus risk giving money to a director who may be trashing America, I might as well give the movie a try. So I watched it. Exactly as I had figured, it was an anti-American movie from start to finish.
How Hollywood is Helping to Ruin America