Guest Commentary – Black Swans

guest-commentaryFriday Night Guest Commentary comes to us again. I still have several guest commentary articles I need to go through. I have determined that I am going to make sure that I go through them tonight no matter what else I do. Tonight I offer up another interesting article from Warren Bonesteel, better known as “Bones”. Warren offered a very good article for us last week and I felt as though the reaction from everyone was positive and the result was some well thought out discussion and some interesting debates. This particular article was interesting given some of our discussions this week. As we discuss the problems in federal government and the fact that I feel the real problem lies in the everyday citizens who continue to tolerate bizarre behavior and re-elect admitted criminals, liars, and adulterers. As promised I will offer my continued thoughts on the first article of next week, but this one should keep us on the correct discussion line throughout the weekend. I hope everyone enjoys Warren’s latest offering here at Stand Up For America. I am just happey that he mentions my favorite hero… John Galt.
Black Swans and the Mention of my Favorite Hero

Guest Commentary – The Rise of Extremism

guest-commentaryTonight’s guest commentary is a little bit different than the guest commentaries of the past. Tonight I offer one written by someone who is not a regular reader at this site. I admittedly have some from you folks that have submitted them. I began working on them in earnest this week in an effort to have one ready. However, Mrs. Weapon has kept me busy. I first received an email from this author several months ago. He offered his writing as thinking material for me and I remember that it had an immediate impact. It was well written, informative, and caused the reader to perform some introspection. He has written many different articles or “open letters” in the past, and I intend to offer some of his other work in the near future. I offer tonight’s article because I felt that it was a very relevant piece considering some of the discussions that we have been having lately. I hope that you will enjoy what he has to say….
Tonight’s Guest Commentary from Warren Bonesteel

Guest Commentary: “What A Free Society Might Look Like”

guest-commentaryWe reach another Friday Night Guest Commentary. I have had several submissions lately and I have unfortunately not been finding the time to review them and work on them and then all the sudden it is the last minute. I was afraid today would be another of those times. I had a hectic day, with Mrs. Weapon having a major surgery this morning (she is recovering fine). But then I remembered that I had a guest commentary that I had been working on earlier this week and I already had the “go ahead” to post it when I felt it was ready. That kind of made what has been a really miserable night just a little bit more tolerable. And to top it off I thought that this particular guest commentary was especially interesting given the conversations we have been having lately. It is a great thought exercise from DKII. And I get the privilege of sharing it with all of you tonight!
A Great Guest Commentary Topic Awaits

Guest Commentary – Goldman Sachs

guest-commentaryWe have come yet again to Friday night. I had a couple of different things in my inbox that I didn’t have time to read all of yet, so I am unsure if what was there was suitable guest commentary material or not. But I saw a familiar name in there who had done guest commentary before. Life of Illusion had offered some more information to me. Knowing this was a name I could trust, I opened his email and found that the information, while not “technically” a guest commentary, was very pertinent to the discussions we have been having all week. LOI offered several different portions of articles that discussed the series of events involving Goldman Sachs. I have followed this saga for some time as, in my opinion, it offers a fairly important glimpse into how high the corruption in our federal government goes.
The Madness That is the Goldman Sachs Story

Guest Commentary…

guest-commentaryA dejected night for me…. Brad Penny continued to show why he is not prepared to pitch in the American League. As a result, my Red Sox got thrashed by the New York Yankees. The upside: we scored 11 runs, not bad. The downside: They scored 20. Baseball is so frustrating to watch sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I have already seen two more World Series Titles in Boston than I thought I would see in my lifetime. My grandfather lived his whole life without ever seeing one. But I digress, it is Guest Commentary Night! I know that you are all chomping at the bit for the second part of BlackFlag’s guest commentary. But it isn’t ready yet. Excellence takes time. Perhaps that means I need to spend a little more time writing my articles! At any rate, tonight’s guest commentary comes from a new reader to the site…
A Fresh New Voice at Stand Up For America

How To Get There From Here Part 1… Guest Commentary

guest-commentaryI appreciate all the thoughts and prayers being sent my way in regard to my Grandmother. Rest assured they do not fall on deaf ears. I appreciate each and every one. I am doing really well with the situation. She has lived a good life. I have always been close to her so nothing is left unsaid. I truly hated not writing the last couple of nights. As all of you know, I am quite passionate about politics and the issues of our country. Taking away my time to write and more importantly, my ability to read all of your responses and debate with you all is definitely a tough thing for me. I enjoy it so much and consider so many on here to be friends. Tonight’s guest commentary comes to us from none other than Black Flag himself. You have often heard him make the argument against voting in one way or another. This expands on that a little…
This Week’s Guest Commentary

New Values to Old Ideals… Guest Commentary

guest-commentaryI come to another Friday night and the always popular guest commentary. As I have always said, I truly enjoy reading these and I value the effort that people put into writing about a subject that they believe in. Tonight we have a repeat guest in G.A. Rowe. I have to say that while he almost always has something to pick in the articles that I write, I also greatly respect that he sticks to his guns and doesn’t back down from a challenge. For anyone who isn’t familiar with him, G.A. believes in the Constitution, and defends it vigorously. And to say that he is a man of action, well that would be an understatement. A retired Marine, he is ready to again defend his country against a movement that he sees as harmful to the American ideals. And that is a trait that is rare in America these days, in a land of folks willing to accept the status quo rather than stand up for the rights that are being stripped from them….
Tonight’s Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary… A View on Education

guest-commentaryWe come to yet another Friday night with a guest commentary that is right in line with the discussions around public education that we have been having throughout the week. I think that education is a vitally important subject for us to be talking about. Those that we most disagree with in regard to our philosophy on freedom and liberty are the result of use of our public education system to indoctrinate our youth into the system and create a false understanding of the state and what it represents. Many of us here are finding, albeit later in life, that what we were told in school was less than 100% honest. If we are to get our country back to greatness, it begins with an in depth understanding of our public schools. Their purpose, their methods, and their failures. Only in understanding how much intent went into transforming the schools to help their cause can we start to understand how enormous the task is before us.
A Look at How Education Got Us to This

Common Man on “My Mantra Going Forward”

guest-commentaryAnd so we arrive on Guest Commentary night. Another Friday has come so quickly. An interesting week so far I must say. We have had debates on the bias of my little site. We have discussed hypocritical Democrats and Hypocritical Republicans. We have set ourselves up for some learning and introspection that will be coming to us shortly. I have asked for more guest commentary pieces for submission. And you, my dear readers, have responded with a slew of them, which pleases me more than I can put into words. The differing opinions and discussions that come from them are refreshing and rewarding for all those who frequent Stand Up For America…
Tonight’s Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary: Life of Illusion Weighs In

guest-commentaryAnother Friday night is upon us. I am quite pleased to say that I have been receiving quite a few submissions for guest commentaries. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Not only does it mean that I get a night off of researching and writing (for the most part). It also means that more and more of you reading this blog are getting involved and researching the things you are passionate about. And there is nothing I could want more from this endeavor than to spur the thought process and engage people’s brains again. Many of you have discussed the fact that you were apathetic for a long time and now find that getting the brain active again is a great feeling. I see the increase in submissions as proof this is happening!
Tonight’s Guest Commentary from Life of Illusion

Guest Commentary – One Argument To Abolish The Political Party System In The U.S.A.

guest-commentarySo here we are again on another Friday night at Stand Up For America. And we all know that we have turned Friday nights into guest commentary nights! I have to say that I really do enjoy the different articles that I get from people. They are well thought out and often have a different take on the issue than the one that I would have provided. When I did the first commentary with BlackFlag, I was skeptical about having others having such a voice on what was “my” site. What I have realized since is that this is not my site at all. It belongs to all of you. I post an article and you all have discussions. I get into them when I can, but the site is really about all of us learning, debating, compromising, and hearing differing opinions.
It’s Friday Night, and You Know What That Means…

Why State’s Rights is a Flawed Argument

guest-commentaryAs promised we continue with my plan to publish the articles that people send to me. As a side note to this, please don’t be afraid to send me articles. I know that some of you are worried that you won’t have good spelling or grammar. If asked I am always willing to help with that. But more importantly, I would like to make this a weekly thing that I do every Friday night. So I will be needing commentary from folks to do so. The ones that people have sent to me thus far have been interesting. So onward to tonight’s guest commentary…
SFC Dick on the New 10th Amendment Push

Peter B. in Indianapolis “Bread and Circuses”

guest-commentaryI have received many different articles over the last two months from readers who have strong opinions on different subjects. I truly appreciate all of them. In an effort to allow many different voices to be heard, I have decided that I am going to start publishing them. I don’t always agree with their points of view. Sometimes I completely agree with them. But as you are all well aware by now, agreement with me is not my goal, nor is it the purpose of the site. I am more interested in getting people to think, to educate themselves, and to take action, whatever that may be. So to that end I am committing to making an effort to publish someone else’s commentary at least once every week.

This Week’s Guest Commentary from Peter B