Tuesday Night Open Mic for July 28, 2009

Open Mic 1Well, I enter the regular Tuesday Night Open Mic weathered and worn. A teenage son that actually wants to hang out with and do things with his dad is a beautiful, albeit tiring endeavor. Add to that work and a blog, and I sometimes feel I am burning the candle at both ends! Add to that more character attacks to defend against, and I am downright worn out. But it’s all good, folks, that’s what I signed up for when I began writing this blog many months ago (Hard to believe I have been at this for 9 months already). Lots of stuff going on out there. I am finding that I tend to tackle things in the open mic that I don’t want to dedicate an entire article on. It is like Open Mic allows for the distracting stuff, so that we don’t let it get in the way of the important stuff the rest of the week. And that is a nice freedom to have during at least one night of the week. So without delay, I offer my Open Mic Topics and look forward to yours!
Release the Hounds!

North Korea Attempts to Gain Some Leverage

North Korea Nuclear ImageWe arrive on a Friday night without a guest commentary ready to go. I know everyone is busy these days and that has led to folks not having the time to write articles for Stand Up For America. It’s OK. I am patient. Seriously though, I don’t have a commentary tonight so I am forced to subject all of you to yet another night of my rambling on and then spending the next day defending myself from claims of partisanship, ineptitude, and generally being a bad citizen. I have been following the situation with North Korea quite closely over the last several months. As a former resident of South Korea, I have a different perspective on all of this. I know I am not alone as I am sure there are others reading who have spent time in South Korea. In my opinion, the last couple of weeks have seen a dangerous increase in the rhetoric that is coming out of North Korea. I know they have always blown off at the mouth, but it feels different this time. So I am taking notice. I hope that those in the White House are noticing as well. 
North Korea Toots Its Own Horn Yet Again