Tuesday Night Open Mic for May 25, 2010

I apologize that there was not an article for everyone when they awoke yesterday morning. I wanted to write last night but simply ran out of time after taking care of all the other things that I had to get done. I appreciated the somewhat limited responses to the BP article. I understand the points some were making. I hope that eventually everyone will at least consider my point as well. Tonight for open mic we have a few interesting topics, but none that made me jump up and down with excitement. We have Congress banning dropside cribs, ensuring that those with bad backs will forever regret having children. We also have more nonsense from the left’s reigning gasbag, Alan Grayson. Add to that the federal government going on record showing us the very reason why Arizona felt that the only recourse they had was to take immigration enforcement into their own hands. Finally, we have the situation in Korea and the Secretary of State’s call for the international community to act against North Korea. As always, please feel free to add topics that you want to discuss!
Open Mic on Wednesday Morning

Arizona Gets SUFA Riled Up… Racial Profiling and Open Borders

I have to say that I was a little surprised to see such a robust discussion happening over yesterday’s article. I had originally intended to not write an article this evening, to simply let the Arizona debate rage on. However, with over 300 comments already, it would begin to get tough to navigate through. So I figured instead of simply replying to individual posts, I would instead write s sort of follow on article that addresses some of the things that were said yesterday, and allows for the conversations to continue with a somewhat fresh start (at least in the number of comments to read through). It was interesting to see how entrenched some folks are in their positions, some so much so that they were unable to see past it to other sides of the debate. That is unfortunate, as it is essential that we all begin to see different perspectives if we are going to somehow find a way to get through all the madness coming out of government these days.
We Continue our Discussion on Arizona and Illegal Immigration

The Arizona Situation Sickens Me….

I have been hoping to write this particular article for a couple of weeks now. Ever since the law passed and the liberal side began saying so many inaccurate things about it, I knew that I would write about the law and what I thought of it. Fortunately, the longer I have waited to sit down and write the article, the more idiotic the left has gotten over it. The lies and false dilemmas have spiraled out of control. We even have the President and the Attorney General of the United States making boneheaded and misleading statements about the law. We have groups boycotting, hell we have cities boycotting. We have potential Constitutional challenges and lawsuits and everything else you can think of. We have protests and rhetoric and all the crucial components that make up what passes for political discussion in today’s America. What we don’t have are people discussing the situation rationally and honestly. I will attempt to engage in such ludicrous action here tonight.
The Twisted Lies and False Claims from Arizona’s Opponents