Tuesday Night Open Mic for July 6, 2010

Another Tuesday night means that we have found our way to another open mic night. I have chosen to not yet address the video series that JAC suggested, for a couple of reasons. First, I would like to give more people time to view the videos. It takes a total of about three hours, which is more time than some have had to give to it quickly. Second, I want to be very available to discuss those videos when the time comes. Today will be a day of my being on the road, which means that I will not be able to weigh in on anything during the day Wednesday. I will try to do so Wednesday night, but cannot be sure I will be able. For this week’s offerings from me, we have the black panther voter intimidation case, the ban on offshore drilling being re-pushed by the “never waste a crisis” administration, some key players in the middle east suddenly not so friendly with Iran, and the federal government’s suggestion of a far reaching online identity program that they propose would help us to be more secure in terms of our private information. As always, I encourage everyone to bring to the table the topics that they want to discuss as well. Open mic night is meant to be the night to do it!
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