Geithner… Just Another Crook Doing What Crooks Do

A night where I almost didn’t write. I have had a full day of travel, returning from travel this afternoon to a dog that had chewed the corner of the wall in the kitchen during the six hours he was alone, drywall and all. After cleaning the mess up, and setting up his new cage for sleeping in at night, I quickly showered and headed to work. And tonight I spent a good hour lying on my back in the cold watching the Leonid meteor shower. I can never pass up the opportunity to watch a meteor shower, I just love all forms of nature. But I decided that I hadn’t written while traveling last night (I literally didn’t get to a hotel room until 4:30 am) so I was kind of obligated to do so tonight. So I left the meteor shower and came in to write about something. I was determined to not write about the Fort Hood stuff tonight or the idiotic move to bring the 9/11 conspirators to NY for a civilian trial. So the night was as much me avoiding certain subjects as finding one… then I stumbled on to this article at the top of the Huffington Post home page.
Good to Know What the SIGTARP thinks of Geithner’s Criminal Actions

When Rules are No Longer Rules

Criminals Gone WildThere has been a lot of huff and puff this week over the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin. I have to admit that I am a little bothered by it myself. And I think I am justified in being so. Because to me, this is simply another example of the power in the White House being abused. I want to be clear here, I intentionally did not say Barack Obama abusing the power. He is simply the one doing it this time. There is a long history of those in power in this country feeling that the rules (even the ones that they themselves made) do not apply when they choose to not apply them. So this article may come across very anti-Obama by the time I am finished writing it, but I do not feel that this is something he alone has done. It was done by Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter…. as far back as you want to go. So I am well aware this is a systemic issue, not one that just this administration has. But I know that, regardless of that statement from me, there are going to be some folks who want to point out all that Bush did….
Rules Are For Common People