Why The Hate for Sarah Palin?

PALIN CABINETI have been trying to go back and read some of the comments that I missed while I was on vacation. One thing that struck me was the hatred some espoused for Sarah Palin. I was literally reading it and saying to myself, “What the hell is this all about?” I understand she is a conservative. But it seems that the left has really strong hate for this woman. And I simply cannot figure out why. I mean, I have read all the same stuff. I have followed politics quite closely since well before she even entered politics. And I simply cannot figure out why the left hates her so much. She isn’t like Pelosi, who makes statements and pushes partisanship so blatantly and who is so far in left field that a ball that rolls to her has already long left the park. So I can’t figure it out. So I am going to talk a bit about Sarah, and maybe some of you on the left can help me understand your hatred for a woman who seems normal to me.
Irrational Liberal Hate of Sarah Palin