Another Night in the Hypocritical World of Congress

I am sorry to report that I will be offering more of an opinion piece on someone else’s work this evening. However, as I begin writing this it is already 2:50 am and I have no time to write a massive research piece. The good news is Mrs. Weapon is feeling a bit better and, as such, we were able to spend the evening hanging out and actually enjoying each other’s company (which means we hung out and watched Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, which I can tolerate and even sometimes enjoy). Unfortunately her medication knocked her out all day so she is still up at this time of night, never a good thing for her. But she is recovering. It looks like she may get to return to work by the end of next week. But for now, she is up and moving around, which is a good thing. As for tonight, I again reach out to quickly discuss an article offered by someone else. It is a topic I though of covering, but I will instead simply offer my thoughts on what this author is saying on the subject. The guest commentary article for tomorrow is already written, which means tomorrow night I can hang out with my wife without any guilt, LOL.
A Little Bit of Partisan Hypocrisy at Play