Arrest John McCain!

I was bothered by Nancy Pelosi meeting with Syria a few years back while she was Speaker of the House & Bush was president.  The President sets US foreign policy and has a Secretary of State and Ambassadors to manage that task for him.  Plain and simple, it is improper for a sitting senator or congressman to meet with foreign power in the middle of a civil war without the president’s approval or at his request.  It should be a criminal act that would result in his loss of office at the least.  It looks to me like pure politics, the Republicans sit back and criticise Obama for the thousands of lives lost there and America’s inaction.  They are trying to goad him into acting, expecting poor results and resulting political disaster to hammer him with….After Benghazie, how much more ammo could they need?

And this is another potential Viet Nam or Korea that we would do well to avoid.  Here we are sitting home on our front porch & down the street aPhoto pit bull & rottweiler  are fighting in a neighbor’s yard.  What good will come to us by reaching in between these two?  Is either dog going to thank us?   More likely, both will turn on us and chew us up!  Republicans seem to be wanting to become active in this fight.  Obama has shown interest also & looks to have been a silent player supplying weapons thru the now deceased Ambassador Stevens.  Consider how Libya turned out for the US.  Why expect anything different in Syria?  Also consider this will put us in conflict with Russia.  What could we possibly gain that would make it worthwhile to the US?
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Another GOP Intervention Call….

Sunday night arrives and finds me once again watching the late game with the hopes that a player or two will really do well so that my fantasy football team won’t lose yet another game. And one of my players is in the locker room having his hand evaluated. Some weeks things just don’t go my way, lol. As I was sitting here throwing insults at the television, I was perusing the news stories, checking out what people had to say on the morning talk shows. As I did I ran across this particular story that just rubbed me the wrong way. Personally, I like John McCain. I think he is a good guy, one of the few in Washington DC that really does want to simply make things better, regardless of which side of the aisle proposes the solution. But it appears that, like the rest of the yahoos in Congress, his memory does not function in an effective way. Despite suffering blistering criticism for the interventionist policies that caused such widespread dislike for George Bush, McCain and the GOP learned nothing at all. We find McCain making the circuit calling for “regime change” in North Korea.
North Korea’s Time Bomb Keeps Ticking