Just A Citizen Offers Some Good Videos

And a happy Thursday morning to all of you. In lieu of a guest commentary this week, I have decided to further promote the videos that Just a Citizen mentioned during the guest commentary mash up on moral law from earlier this week. As this will be the last posting for me until Sunday night, as we enter a hectic holiday weekend in retail, I figured this would keep folks busy! I began watching the videos and found them to be extremely interesting. Each video is about ten minutes long and they really flow from one to the other (literally, as a sentence will stop mid-word in one video and pick up right there in the next). These were meant to be a single long video documentary. I particularly liked the fact that the videos are not attempting to push a partisan agenda. There is certainly a political message there, but it is not one that supports either the left or the right. It merely points to instances in history regardless of who happened to be in power at the time. I admit that I was worried at first with the dramatic music and daunting opening that this was going to end up little more than another conspiracy video series. But as I watched through many of them, it really is about providing a perspective on the events and how politicians shaped and used them to gain political capital and offer “protection.”
Some Good Informational Videos brought over to SUFA for your Convenience

What Happened to Reason and Values in This Country? Part 1

stand-up-for-americaI have been sitting around thinking about this subject all day. I knew last night that I was going to write this article. I kind of know what I want to say. And I will hope that it comes out the way that I want it to come out. Let me say up front what I want to accomplish with this piece. I want to set a few things straight for some of the folks that frequent the site. I have had this feeling over the last couple of weeks as I read the comments and discussions that I could not put my finger on. Something just didn’t feel right to me, no matter how detailed some of the responses were or how intelligent the people making them were. So for a couple of weeks I have tried to put my finger on what feels “wrong”. After some introspection, I think I have it figured out. And it isn’t just about the people on this site. It is about people everywhere in this country. It isn’t the left or the right (although lately it has been the left in charge and the left most guilty of forgetting what I am going to talk about). The fact is that the American public needs to wake up and get a grip on the absolute group of morally bankrupt idiots in Washington.
When Did We Trade Values for Ease?

A Thought on Dividing the Discussions…

avatar-flagI have been sitting around the last couple of days thinking about the direction of the site. For anyone who has not done so, I have to say that it is really daunting to write your own blog, especially when it concerns something of substance. What I mean by that is that writing a blog about your dog is easy. Writing a blog about college life is easy. Writing a blog about politics…. NOT so easy. Especially when I have managed to bring together some really intelligent people from all over the political spectrum. From one angle I have those coming from the point of view of BlackFlag and Kent. Two highly intelligent guys who challenge me on every principle and force me to seek true freedom. I also have Just A Citizen and PeterB.(although Peter is quickly moving more towards BF than JAC! LOL), who are similar in their intelligence and principles, but slightly different in their political views. Folks like these four routinely challenge me in great ways to stick to principles and morals, even when doing so makes my task a hundred fold harder.
Why Writing a Political Blog is One of the Biggest Challenge I Have Undertaken

Building a Foundation for Resurrecting America Part VI

Philosophy CursiveSo we begin tonight to get back into the philosophy discussions. However, tonight we offer a chance for everyone to do a little less “thinking” and a little more simple understanding. I know that many of you wonder exactly how Black Flag could have possibly ended up the way that he did. Heck, we all wonder such things. And that goes for myself and Just A Citizen, too. How did the three of us, who conspired to take you on the journey into philosophy in order to form a solid base, come to be the people that we are? Why does JAC think the way he does? Where did USW get that mentality from? All valid questions, and ones that we intend to answer…
The Beginning of Understanding the Three of Us

Building a Foundation for Resurrecting America Part V

Philosophy CursiveJust when you think that you have gotten away from the philosophy stuff, we come along and drag you back in. I know that we are finding ourselves sometimes having to read this stuff more than once to let some of it marinate and sink in. That is the case for me as well. So don’t be intimidated by big words and that fancy city talk. But try to grasp the big concepts that are important and move on. To that end we provide a brief summary to what we have gleaned from Ayn Rand thus far. Philosophy degree or not, I think that she provides some stimulating thoughts and we could all do far worse than to follow her line of reasoning and try to understand it and subsequently discuss it. 
A Summary From the Mouth of Rand Herself

Building a Foundation For Resurrecting America Part IV

Philosophy CursiveAnd back to the philosophy we go. This series is going to jump around a bit. We took a couple of days off and dealt with some other topics. But now we are back to it. We have now begun to understand why philosophy is important and gotten a grasp on some of the terminology and thought processes as they apply. Now we will get a chance to see some of that philosophy applied to the founders. We often are taught to believe that the founders were infallible geniuses who we just had the good fortune to have around when we needed to form a country. Not so. They were merely men who did the best they could with what they had…
Time To Get the Brain Back in Gear

Building a Foundation For Resurrecting America Part III

Philosophy CursiveBack to it this evening folks. I think that the day off was a good thing. It allowed everyone to discuss the topics some more and re-read the articles and hopefully get a better grasp on the subject matter. I will be able to participate in the conversations a bit more on this article. Yesterday was golf with some friends I don’t see enough of and it was also my wedding anniversary. Another year of my wonderful wife putting up with me. It should be a national holiday. With my Celtics and Bruins both successfully eliminated from the playoffs, I am down to just baseball, although everyone who knows me knows that I am consumed by the sport. 
Our Final Philosophy Article for This Week

OK… I Know Some Are Confused

I know, some of you feel as though your head is going to explode. It is OK. I know it seems a bit overwhelming with all of these big, fancified words. It feels as though much of this stuff is going right over your head. I am here tonight doing nothing but settling it all down. No new content. Nothing new to try and wrap our heads around. No big words, and no new ideas. Just a bit of an explanation as to why this nasty topic is important and some thoughts that will hopefully help everyone to focus on the important take away material while merely reading and gaining a minimal understanding of the rest.
A Bit More Explanation of Why We Are Doing This

Building a Foundation for Resurrecting America Part II

Philosophy CursiveSo we started down the philosophy trail last night with an introduction to why philosophy is important. I have to be honest and say that I was a bit surprised by some of the reaction to the comments once I was able to jump in and take a look at what people were saying. Some folks took umbrage with the thoughts from Ayn Rand. I hadn’t realized that her thoughts alone would stir a bit of controversy. There were not a lot of comments overall, which was not surprising to JAC, BF, or Myself. We anticipated the first article would be that way. There really wasn’t a lot to discuss there. It really was about presenting a case for why it is important to understand and embrace philosophy.
And Away We Go With a Continuation of Philosophical Discussion

Building a Foundation for Resurrecting America Part I

Philosophy CursiveAh the beginning of a new series. Always an exciting and tense time for me. In the short time that I have been writing this blog, I have often found myself in a very uncomfortable position… one of trepidation. Each night when I get ready to hit the “publish” button on whatever article I am submitting for the night, there is a little moment of trepidation. Because I am worried.  I wonder what people will think of what I post. I wonder if I am taking the right stance. I wonder if what I am about to say is going to be the thing that drives people away, rather than towards, the site. Then I take a Deep Breath, and remember that I am just me, and I am OK being judged. And I hit the button….
The Beginning of Another Series

A Soldier’s Point of View….

soldiersofthe_wallThe other day, one of the regular commenters on the site posted an interesting comment. Because the issue resolved around a hot button topic these days, I didn’t want to get this discussion lost in the threads where people won’t see it or get to comment on it. I am open to debate on my answers. I hope that other veterans will offer up their personal perspective. So this one is for you Just a Citizen. I felt your questions and your reasoning behind who you wanted answers from was valid, so we will have this discussion out in the open where we can all learn from it.
Some Veteran Answers to JAC’s Questions